Can Satan influence dreams?

if lets say, one falls asleep after praying/devotions… (i.e holy things being the last thoughts before sleep)

can Satan influence, or cause one to dream about certain things?


Yes. He can send dreams when he likes (if God permits it), but he seems to get particularly mad when people are doing the right thing, drawing nearer to God, and that’s one of the times he’s most likely to strike.

I’ve experienced some dreams that I would say were certainly Satanic. They, along with some other forms of spiritual attack, came last Lent when I was in the midst of one of the three most profound spiritually transformative experiences with God I’ve ever had. Actually, now that I think about it, all the worst attacks I’ve experienced from the devil came during those three periods of deepest spiritual growth in Christ.

Other people on CAF have also described having had demonic dreams.


I definitly think so. I’ve had several dreams of my brother hurting and even killing me violently. I think it’s one of those things where doubt and anger and fear are put into your mind and when you wake up you have to close your eyes again and pray that God takes care of everything. After all He only stepped on the devil the first go around I’m sure He can extinguish a few bad(scary bad) dreams. :0)


the reason I ask is.

I have a decision to make and have 2 options.

Both options are logical, and rationally based to me.

one is slightly more logical i believe, but not to the extent that i should necessarily discard the other…

SO my prayer before Going to bed last night, was essentially that God would control my dream to the extent that whatever is the best choice of the 2, that my dream would be about that one particular choice to the exclusion of the other.


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