Do any of you think that God tries to tell us things in our dreams? I always have weird dreams, and sometimes I feel like they are a sign or something. Or, are they just dreams and don’t mean anything?


I would like to think so since He has a hand in everything else. :wink:

It’s hard to think that God had a hand in the dream I had the other night where my teeth fell out (colossal fear of mine) just because it makes no sense, laugh. Maybe He’s trying to tell me to take better care of my teeth? I’m not sure how I could improve since I get a cleaning every 6 months, brush after every meal and floss every night before bed. I suppose I could begin flossing after every meal too? :stuck_out_tongue:


Both Biblical Josephs (he of the many-colored cloak and he the husband of Mary) had dreams and/or interpreted dreams of others that were clear messages from God. If you have had any, you could pray for their intercession perhaps to help clear them up.


I’ll pass on to you the note written in my Challoner D.R. concerning Joseph’s Dreams in Gen. 37:5:

"These dreams of Joseph were prophetical, and sent from God; as were also those which he interpreted, Gen. 40. and 41.; other wise generally speaking, the observing of dreams is condemned in the Scripture, as superstitious and sinful. See Deut. 18.10; Eccli. 34.2,3." :slight_smile:


The purposeful evocation of a subject into your dreams in order to give an interpretation to some act would be divination as condemned by Deuteronomy, yes, but as an accident, the Church has never said that a dream cannot be a sign of God. To interpret God as speaking definitively on some aspect of your life via a dream is highly risky, but has definitely happened at least in Biblical times and could still happen today.


So what exactly is this saying? It’s a sin to think about our dreams?


I hope not. How can you not think about your dreams?? :confused:


lol well yea i know, but i meant i didn’t get that scripture quote saying it’s sinful.


God very often speaks to people through dreams!

I myself have had a few dreams where I believe God was speaking directly into my life. I do not share these dreams with anyone but my husband since I believe strongly they are for my own personal faith journey, and shouldn’t be shared.

I also feel that when you have one of those dreams, you know for sure once you have woken up. I say be discerning, make sure what you had “revelaed” was scriptural, and in line with orthodox teaching, then figure out what it means for you.


I think it’s possible for God to speak to us through our dreams, but I think it is VERY dangerous to start assuming that having a dream automatically means God is trying to tell you something. It’s like people who try to find a sign from God in everything, and thus their Faith turns into more of a superstition.

And on another note, who’s to say that Satan does not also speak to us in dreams? Are we so arrogant as to claim we always can tell the difference?


Pray while falling asleep, pray upon waking.

If you have a dream you remember, turn the dream over to God and pray for who or what was in the dream. The dreams are probably nothing more than your brain’s “fluff” being blown out of the way. But St. Paul advised us to pray always, so we can use our dreams to remind us of the need for prayer – and that would be putting our dreams to excellent use :thumbsup:

Personally, I have only had one dream that I felt truly came from God – and that was a dream that led me back to the Church. But I, the prodigal daughter at the time, had prayed before sleep for direction from God (if there was a God, which I doubted at the time). I think God ran to meet me and invite me back into His home and His Heart. He is sooooooo good to us!

God bless you.



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My only dream of personal religious signifance happened twice - on the night before and the night after my confirmation (late, at age 20). All I remember was that I was in the clouds, in the presence of God, bouncing off them like one might with a waterbed, and that I have never felt more blissful in my life. I don’t attribute anything to it but the mere gratuitous loving gift of God.


The Bible itself covers a period of 4,000 years of human history.

Between its two covers there are fewer than a dozen dreams of any spiritual significance.

What does this suggest to you?


Good question. I had a dream the other night that I remembered when I woke up. I hardly ever remember my dreams. In the dream, I was eating a pizza, nearly finished with it. A homeless guy came up to where I was at. There was NO WAY I was sharing my pizza with him, even though I had had more than enough to eat. When he reached in and took a piece, I was livid. I went and found a police officer and pressed charges; everyone around me was dumbfounded that I would do such a thing.

I don’t usually find spiritual meaning in dreams, but with this one, I felt like God was clearly pointing out my selfishness.


Sure- God speaks to us in many ways- especially dreams- and it’s Biblical…Job 33 :14-18 say a prayer before sleeping and a prayer when waking and then TRUST you are in good hands…God’s:thumbsup:

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