This is my first time posting on the forum. I came here seeking comments and ideas.

I am a spiritual person and have a great love for God and life. I have had near death experiences that has given me a greater love of life. I have always had dreams since I was child and knew I was dreaming. My mom said that I came to her when I was younger and said I saw an angel, I do not remember this. Yet, I was extremely sick as child and feel that it is linked to that.

They were always very peaceful even if they were “scary” persay because I felt protected. Recently I had a dream that was like no other. It was extremely clear and the peace and clarity of thought I felt was amazing. I also feel I encountered angels in my dream as these people were not like anyone people have I seen alive and they were very peaceful to be with. I have also had dreams without trying that have come true in the future.

I feel as if this a good thing because only good things have come from it, however, I have read so much on negative on dreams. Basically I would just like anyone comments and wondered if any others have had a similar experiences.


I do go to church every Sunday and always allow myself quiet time before I fall asleep to pray and not just pray but clear my mind and listen to God completely.


Yes I too have had dreams that have come true, I believe they are called syhcic. I dreamed that my buddy’s house burned down, and two weeks later it happened, and they lost one of their sons in the fire. Sad, but true.


That is good to hear. I have dreamed of my soon to be husband a few times befor i meet him and it was 2 to 3 years befor I meet him. Oddly at the time I was in another not so good relationship. I wish I had believed those dreams ment something at the time. None the less we found each other and both knew the frist time I saw each other we were ment to be.

I just wish I knew y i have these dreams. So that I could use this to help people.


Peaceful88- you have angels and loved ones in spirit around you always - and dreams are a wonderful way God allows communication… you are sensitive to their presence so you remember when they give you a “heads up” in dreams- although everyone experiences this- not everyone remembers the visits-or worse fears them-negative emotions like fear will often block or distort what comes through…you are not given premonitions to change anything- unless the details are there to do so- names dates places etc… but rather to be prepared so you can comfort those who might be blindsided by the events…prayer before sleeping is the only way to keep anything not from God from intruding- -so lose any fear of such things(fear feeds negative entities)- pray before sleeping and trust you are in good hands…:thumbsup:


That makes me feel alot better. I know this is good thing but always was a tad unrested in the fact that I hear such negatives from the church about these types of things. This confused me as my experiences have been good and their are saints that did have dreams. These dreams are so out of the oridnary that I thought maybe I was going crazy. I feel if it is a matter for me of having the faith to believe in these dreams and not worry. Granted I was so impacted by my latest dream becuase of the peacefulness of it I could never feel it was bad. I feel that the Angels were telling me not to fear or worry about these dreams. Thanks for ur help. Some times one just needs some people to help think through ideas:)


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