The dreams are often seem illogical, many times when we wake-up we realize that we had illogical and non-relevant dreams (e.g., flying, getting shot without dying, seeing people from different times, unrelated places, etc)!

My main question is why we do not realize that it is “illogical” while we are still dreaming with it, I mean when for example we fly in the dream why we don’t realize that it is illogical for us to fly thus we know that we are currently dreaming, why we have to be in the wake-up state to realize that we were dreaming, why our brain cannot distinguish that?

Really this dreaming phenomena is a strange and unexplained issue for me, and I will ask GOD about it once we are in His realm.

Actually you can learn how to be aware of your dreams just by trying and practicing at trying. I do it. Of course I have a sleeping disorder where I’m awake within my dreams. I take medication for it but I’m still aware of my dreams, most likely due to the experience of my disorder.

Interesting…, you mean when you dream for example that you are flying you know it’s just a dream within that dream http://forums.catholic.com/images/icons/icon5.gif

Yes and I can control it somewhat. I can’t control the imagery around me but I can control what I’m doing. Part of my sleeping disorder is night terrors and in those dreams I usually can control myself from getting killed or whatever other hellish thing is happening to me.

I actually started looking into controlling dreams before I developed a sleeping disorder. But had no luck until years later when I developed it.

Thanks for clarifying that, and may the LORD be with you.

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