Dress Code for Mass

Does your parish have a dress code? Should it?


No and no. People do a pretty good job taking care of themselves.


No, but I think people should just wear solid colors. No flashy patterns or anything that draws the eye away from the Mass.

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Flip flops, thigh high cut-offs, and a bare midriff are ok? Mom and Dad were slightly less casual, but not by much.


Somebody wearing a patterned shirt would distract you? Have you tried sitting in the front pew?


Didn’t say those things were ok. We don’t see people wearing those things to Mass around here, though. (Flip flops in the summer, maybe, but frankly, that doesn’t bother me.)


You wouldn’t want to sit near me.


I am thinking of all the ethnic dress where I am :sunglasses::rose::dove:


Only thing I wear that are solid are pants (black, blue or brown) and same with skirts. It’s the blouses I wear that I actually like to have cute, pretty, bright prints to dress up the solid pants or skirts.

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Yeah, I’d rather see somebody wearing jeans than wearing something flamboyant. I just think Mass is somewhere people should dress humbly, not to impress and draw attention.


Ok dress code for the “100th time” ( my own personal opinion):

Women— nothing tight enough or shee r enough to see undergarments. skirts at least to the knee or preferably below the knee. Nothing sleeveless. Tops not too low cut that she can’t bow without showing too much. Tops not too short that i f she bows skin shows or worse undergarments in the back. no low riding pants. No writing or pictures on clothing especially nothing inappropriate. Shoes no flip flops .

Men ------ same applies for everything as the women except hopefully no dresses worn by them.


Just curious are you male or female?

no. probably-especially in summer!

Well, not usually unless they’re directly in front of me and it’s tie-dye with words all over the back. Even if I’m not distracted by it though, it’s still my opinion that flashy patterns are inappropriate for Mass.

I am male and this is 10 characters.

It’s somewhat easier IMHO for males to wear all solid colors than females.

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I agree except I believe every wiman has the right to bare arms. I always wear a shrug with a sleeveless dress though.

Even in the hot humid south I was raised to wear nothing sleeveless to Mass. Just the way it was and is for me.


Probably, but my wife does.

Edit: So does my daughter, but she’s 2 months old, so might be easier for her too.


Mass in Hawaii would be a nightmare for some folks here…:rofl:

I was in Florida and everyone wore colorful clothing…

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