dress code?

Maybe this is a strange question, but here goes:
I’ll probably be attending Mass for the first time soon. Is there a general dress code that most churches hold to, or is this something that varies?
I’m nervous enough about going to Mass; I don’t wanna add ‘sticking out like a sore thumb’ to that :nope:

Sammy, if you dress neatly, comfortably, and modestly, you should be fine. I suppose it depends on the area where you live as to how formally males dress. You wouldn’t wear anything so casual as what you’d wear to the beach, and you wouldn’t go so formal as to go in coat and bow tie formal-wear. That leaves a range of possibilities. I hope you will feel comfortable and not worry about this. It’s a distraction that you don’t need.

God bless you; and welcome to Mass, Sammy :slight_smile:

Even the Vatican dress code for St. Peter’s Basilica isn’t more specific than stipulation that no one should wear:

*]hats for lay men inside the basilica
*]shorts/skirts above the knees
*]sleeveless shirts
*]shirts exposing the navel
*]shirts for women that expose cleavage
*]shirts which contain profanity
*]excessive jewellery

The short answer is that there is no official dress code, and to some extent what people will wear may vary by region, local customs, the weather, and even just how the local congregation behaves. A wealthy suburban parish in Seattle in October will dress differently from a rural Baptist-belt farming parish in Oklahoma in April, will dress differently from a poor urban parish in Manila in July, so it is hard to draw generalizations. In very loose terms, I would say that in the U.S. what you would probably want is: for a man, khakis or dress pants and a button-down shirt without tie, unless in a very hot climate, in which case a polo shirt if necessary; and for a woman, a skirt knee-length or below, and a blouse of some sort that covers at least the shoulders. That’s an outfit that I can pretty confidently say would not stand out in any way nor draw any attention to you in the slightest.

It’s hot where I live!

Most of the time I wear a polo shirt and kaki pants.

I never wear jeans and always wear close-toed shoes.

Just wear something somewhere between what you would wear if you were going to a nice restaurant and what you would wear to go to a movie theater that you know is going to be chilly. Anything within that range should be suitable.

There is sometimes a dress code in some churches, if you dress somewhere between business casual/smart business you will be fine for sure and many churches are much more casual than this.

The dress code for the Vatican would work well. As already mentioned, what people wear varies by region. Many men wear sport jackets with ties to Mass. It is often the dress code for those serving as extraordinary ministers. Definitely avoid any type of logo.
Dress during weekday Mass is generally more casual than Sunday (or Obligation) Masses. Both men and women are encouraged to cover shoulders, so no sleeveless blouses, shirts, or dresses. Modest dress is appropriate for both men and women.

I wish

it used to be enough to say standard business dress, but since people dress like bums even at work nowdays it does not mean much
even “what you would wear to a job interview” won’t get a much better result
I could also say, what you would wear out to dinner at a nice place, but that does not mean much, either today.

slacks or dress pants and a shirt with a collar for men
suit, skirt and top, or dress for ladies (since standard business dress for ladies now includes dress pants and top, it is probably okay for the younger generation–but please check the view in the 360 before you go out)

dress shoes, some athletic shoes are dressy, some are not, where the best you have, no flip flops
sandals in the summer may be acceptable where you are, certainly in SoTex they are standard

don’t spend more than 30 seconds worrying about this, how about a nice first date outfit? but remember modesty.

what you wear is not as important as where you are

welcome home, all Catholic Masses are always open to everyone, although communion is closed to those who are not yet Catholic or not in a state of sanctifying grace. Jesus is still here for you and you can speak directly to him, and most of all, just listen–to the scripture readings and psalms, to the prayers said by the priest, to the responses of the people. They educate you on what we believe

I was also worried about what to wear when I first attended Mass, but I can honestly say that as long as you’re comfortable and modest, no one will even notice! The most important thing is that you feel comfortable. Any dress with a little sweater, pants with a nice shirt, or even if you want to be casual jeans and a t-shirt, you would fit in at my parish. And even if you may feel a little over dressed or under dressed, you won’t be alone and no one will care or notice.

Enjoy yourself and don’t worry! It’s just church, and people shouldn’t be judging you there anyway.

I am not sure why wearing sandals or even flip flops should be a problem as our Lord Jesus Christ and the disciples wore sandals. I should even say that it should be acceptable to even be barefooted as it is a sign of humility and even God asked Moses to remove his sandals when standing on holy ground.

I mostly wear sandals when attending Mass. There is a difference between sandals and flip flops. I also work in the Middle East where it is common practice to remove shoes during Mass. Nobody enters the Adoration Chapel without removing shoes.

I tell my RCIA folks to think of what they would wear if they were going to dress for a nice/special dinner at a restaurant. Comfortable is fine but we ARE going to dinner with God so “special” should be taken into account.

I wish there was as lately with this summer weather, many women & girls are wearing skimpy clothing more suited for a beach party or the beach not Mass. I am surprised more priests are not speaking up about the lack of modesty especially when the weather becomes spring/summer like.

To beat the heat, I have been wearing light weight short sleeved dresses that go to knees or longer or long skirt/shirt combos. No cleavage, bare shoulders, and bare backs are showing in my clothes at Mass.

You can still dressed modestly, yet keep cool in the summer heat.

Men also have become fashion conscious these days. They want to dress up in their unique style. And, what better way is there than to put on a satin shirt. Men love to wear satin shirts for formal and party occasions. Wearing a shirt made from this material can make you feel good. Mens satin shirts have a shiny look and are very smooth and silky.:slight_smile:


Dress as well as you can, but not to the point that you are a distraction to others.

For woman not to wear nothingshirts for women that expose cleavage
men to not to wear shorts or a top whats not to reveling

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