Dress for Latin mass

I have an opportunity to attend a latin high mass tomorrow morning.
Should I dress up for this? I don’t usually dress up for my neighborhood mass.
Should I have a head covering?

At the FSSP parish where I occasionally attend Mass, most people dress up - shirts and ties for men, dresses; skirts or nice slacks for women. A head covering is optionall. At the FSSP parish, about 1/3 of the women cover their heads with a veil, hat or scarf. They provide veils in the narthex for women who desire to borrow one.

Thanks. I’ll slip on a skirt.

“Headcovering” also doesn’t necessarily mean “chapel veil”. That’s one option - but you could also use a scarf, bonnet, or hat instead, should you desire to wear a headcovering.

Since you’ve never been to the parish, I recommend:

-Skirt that covers the knee
-Shirt that covers the shoulders
-Have some kind of head covering with you - you can decide if you want to wear it or not when you get there.

At my FSSP parish, almost all women cover their heads, and very few wear pants. If it turns out to be a very traditional parish dress-wise, you’ll probably feel more comfortable if you are dressed like most other women there.

Officially, the ordinary and traditional masses have no dress code of any sort. You should, of course, use common sense when picking out respectful attire.

You should always dress up for any Mass that you attend! It’s Jesus in the tabernacle no matter which Mass you attend.

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