Dressed as a nun?


About a year ago one of our CCD classes did a little skit during the homily. They were organized by a woman who is very involved in several of our parish ministries and has been for many years.

She led them, dressed as a nun. She was introduced as Sister Mary Theresa (or something like that). It was silly.

It also rubbed me the wrong way. Is it appropriate for a laywoman to dress up like a nun and lead a class skit during a homily? It seems disrespectful, if not sacrilegious.

I’m not questioning the kids’ participation during the homily.


Why wasn’t the priest or deacon giving the homily?


I am sorry that the skit you saw rubbed you the wrong way.

To answer your question: if it is done in a respectful way with the focus of teaching children, adults etc- it is permissible. It is also permissible if someone or a group dresses like a nuns to reenact, teach a famous nun’s story such as Mother Teresa, Edith Stein etc. We see this in movies all the time especially those which are based on the lives of various famous nuns and saints. Even in the movie Sister Act, the position is respected.

The area of sacrilege occurs if someone decides to dress like a nun for Halloween, or another costume party etc-this is when the clothing and position is disrespectful. It is also disrespected when it is worn for other reasons other than in reverence to God.

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Every year each CCD class participates in a homily. The priest says his bit, then the kids make a presentation based on the day’s readings.


In that case, don’t worry about the woman dressing like a nun. It’s the least offensive part of what you have described. :frowning:


Possibly. Having to sit and watch a group of kids fumble through a skit that they have no interest in, that is poorly planned, etc. is intolerable.


Have you read the documents on Masses for Children?


The OP did not indicate this was a Mass for Children. There is (for the time being) some leeway in Masses for Children, that is true. But not for one of the regular Sunday Masses.


And this happened “About a year ago”??? Perhaps it’s time to let it go. :yup:


:rolleyes: I know, I know. But every time I see her I’m reminded of it. Plus, in another situation she made some remarks that upset my daughter. :shrug:

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