Dressing immodestly around only females

So I have a lot of Muslim friends, and they believe that modesty is only necessary around non-blood-relative males. They will often throw all-girls parties where they can wear short skirts, sleeveless tops, ect.

I wasn’t sure that the same idea could apply to Catholicism, since I was under the impression that modesty is partially about lust, but also about general dignity around everybody regardless of gender. What do you think?

Modesty is relative. Immodest is whatever is inappropriate in the context of the situation. For example, there’s nothing wrong with swimsuits at the beach or yoga pants at the yoga studio or nudity in a private, enclosed yard.

Shame be to he or she that thinks evil of it.

I have flown from Saudi Arabia to Egypt on regional airlines. Granted this was more than 5 years ago. It may have changed.

All the Muslim women were in full burkas on the flight. Upon arrival, somewhere between the gate and immigration/customs, many (not all) remove the burka. They are dressed beautifully in a variety of western garb, from very stylish to jeans. :confused:

Shame be to he or she who causes one to think evil ! God Bless, Memaw

No, you should always dress modestly. There may be a woman in the group dealing with SSA. Even if you are not dealing with SSA, it could very well be an occasion where others may get jealous.

Women change in front of other women all the time. Also, girls wear pajamas when staying the night with a girl or with a slumber party
Heck, in college, the bathrooms are communal and it was nothing to see my sorority sisters in a towel going to their rooms after a shower or a sister walking in my room while I was getting ready so I was sitting in my bra and panties. They have the same parts as I do.
Like, it would be totally weird just to hang out with girlfriends in our underwear, but I see nothing wrong with the examples I have given.


The Benedictine abbey I am an oblate of, and retire to occasionally for a private retreat, indicates on the welcome sheet of every room of the all-male guesthouse, that one should be modestly attired in shirt and long trousers at all times even in the hallways.

Personally (I’m male) I am not keen to reveal my nakedness to anybody except my wife and my doctor.

Is this a female-only issue? Because if not, there is the question of gang showers in male dorms and locker rooms, what guys wear in their dorm room, in the gym, etc. if sleeveless tops are immodest in an all-female environment, should males not wear undershirts around each other? It has always been my understanding that in a same-gender environment, “the rules” were different.

What you said about the general dignity around everybody regardless of gender sounds perfect.

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