As a christian_catholic in particular how is one supposed to dress not only for church but for everything. Is it ok to put on skiny jean, tight dress, **** or skit and short? Can you show cleavage? Im a youth and never really had problems with putting on anything (with no bad intention)except for church because being african and living in an african country,my country in particular we are not allowed to wear anything for church,if you’re not dressing well you are basically returned to wear decently. What are you and are you not allowed to put on as a young christian woman?

“Marylike” fashions are designed to conceal as much of the body as possible,rather than reveal.This would automatically elminate such fashions as tight slacks, jeans shorts, sheer bouses and sleevless dresses.,or sheer fabric .“Marylike” dresses require full coverage for the bodice,chest,shoulders and back except for a cut-out about the neck not exceeding two inches below the neckline in front and back, and a corresponding two inches on the shoulders( or wearing of a cape etc to cover)

"Marylike " is modest without compromise, “like Mary”, Christ’s Mother

im a guy and I find that women who are modest in their appearance are not only more attractive but men increase in wanting to get to know the real them instead of just looking at your body parts… when and if you dress unmodest you are in a way tempting men and instead of them (us) wanting to get ot know you as a person, we are more inclined to your body parts which can totally pervert any true form of friendship or love…


I’m sure there are hundreds of “how-to dress” threads here. Just search for them.

Wow, I’m jealous. In this country if you politely suggest dressing conservatively for church, you can be accused of being narrow-minded. God bless Africa, the future of the Church.

Here’s a post on Marylike modesty from our own Brother Jay that you might find interesting and educational:


This is not required ANYwhere in the church. Just so you know OP.



Congratulations to you African Catholic sisters and brothers, you have a wonderful faith and a wonderful Catholic Church there! :thumbsup:

Here’s an article about the movement for beautiful modesty and our Holy Mother Church’s teachings in another African country, Nigeria - see at news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/3549210.stm .

Although I realize Nigeria is not exactly close to you, because according to my maps, Lagos, Nigeria is some 6400 km to the Northwest of Lusaka, Zambia. :smiley:

Yes actually at our church it is. There are rules for proper mass attire for both the men and the women. And the 2 inches below the neck is one of the rules.

You are in the House of God, you should dress like that. How would your dress if you were to meet the Queen or a President? Well you are there to visit God, nothing wrong with looking nice and modest.

I see nothing wrong with being expected to dress nicely for mass.

I took her comment as to mean that the Church doesn’t have a rule that one must dress in that manner at all time or when outside of one’s home. Obviously, one shouldn’t be wearing beach or poolside clothing to Mass nor should you be wearing your dress clothing that you put on for Mass to the beach or the pool.

Again, this is what the Magisterium deems appropriate for Mass in any/all of the Churches in the Vatican:

Apparently some parishes have different guidelines (and chapels that are independent, sedevacantist or SSPX most definitely have their own rules), but this sign is as close as one can come to an “official statement” on clothing to be worn at Mass.

Lightbound….GREAT picture!

I’ve never seen been to the Vatican before, but I did see one church in Alabama where they had a list posted of what would be unacceptable mass attire.

I think this movement of Mary-like fashions is wonderful. Modesty is a virtue, and these women who adopt Mary-like fashions are advancing in the beautiful and important Christian virtue of modesty. They will surely have their rewards in heaven, but even before that, enjoy the gratitude of countless parents for not tempting their daughters and sons to dress immodestly and to lust after immodestly dressed women, respectively.

I agree that it’s important for young people of both genders to adopt a modesty way of dressing these days…if they tend to want to attire themselves like Miley Cyrus or any of the other inappropriate and offensive media stars these days. However, my concern is when someone or some group (other than our current Magisterium) decides what constitutes modesty or “Mary-like Modesty”.


And as CAF’s own Brother Jay has stated so eloquently in the above-linked post, “Mary-like” fashions are about far more trying to replicate the linen gown of a First Century Palestine woman. Modest fashions can include pants, capris, and even long shorts. Having Mary’s virtue of modesty is wonderful…the concern is when someone or some group starts to determine exactly what constitutes “Mary-like modesty” and then infers that if one doesn’t meet those standards, they are lacking in that virtue. Not that I think you were doing that, but I just wanted to let the readers of this thread know that authentic Mary-like Modesty doesn’t require a check-off list of lengths, measurements, and materials, as some followers of that movement insist that it does.

That’s exactly what I meant. No one has ever said “this” is what MaryLike fashion means. It is not a legalistic set of how much of the body to cover. Marylike fashion means, if Mary was born in my culture, in my time, would she wear this?

Our local parish Church additionally forbids “bare midriffs” and “flip-flops”.

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