Drew a blank during confession


Today during confession I confessed two mortal sins and just became overwhelmed, I guess, and my mind went completely blank on the rest of my confessions. One was a mortal sin. By the time I could remember the priest had started giving me advice. I know that I need to confess this sin at the next reconciliation but is it forgiven? May I receive communion?

Thank you all!


I think that if you forgot to confess a mortal sin you are still forgiven but all mortal sins need to be confessed. I would go back and confess it the next week.


I don’t feel qualified to answer your questions, but I also have the same problem where I become overwhelmed and sometimes forget to say something important! I’ve found jotting just a word or two on a tiny post-it note is very helpful. Probably best not to go in to details on the note you write yourself, in case you lose it, but hopefully that will help you.


There’s an app for smart phones, which was the first app to receive an Imprimatur. It’s a diary for you to perform a daily examination of conscience, and record in a secure app, the topics to raise in your next confession.

This may be helpfull for some of you. IT’s called “Confession: a Roman Catholic App”, available on iOS, Android and Windows devices. It’s independently password protected and encrypted.


Provided you didn't withhold a mortal sin on purpose (and you didn't), then when you received absolution,** all **your sins were forgiven, including those you forgot to mention. Mention the mortal sin you forgot at your next confession but you are free to receive Communion in the mean time. You are in a state of grace.

God bless.


This also happened to me and I agree the best way to go is to have a few things written down. If you become overwhelmed you can refer to it, and feel assured you confessed all you wished to. I hope you have a blessed week to come.


Okay so I go to anglican confession with me being Anglican but I write it all down, every single word so I can just read it off the paper. Only once I given the paper to the priest to read because I felt I would get too lost even just reading it. Bit of a mistake in that he could go through it bit by bit. Though not a mistake because he helped me more because he didn't have to remember anything I had said etc. But yes, I write it down, everything how I would say it and just simply read. If am going anywhere after confession then I give the paper to the priest to destroy. If I am going home then happy to take it with me and burn it. It does mean I don't have to remember anything or think of the best way to say it and if I did get upset or angry etc then I can just read or give it to the priest to read. It how I always done it but over the years I have learned how to write it how I would simply say it.



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