Drew Carey picked to come on down as new 'Price is Right' host

Cool. Better than the alternative!

His picture isn’t that flattering though. :eek:


NEW YORK (AP) – Genial comic Drew Carey was tapped Monday to replace silver-haired legend Bob Barker on the CBS daytime game show “The Price is Right.”

I love Drew Carey. Very funny guy. :thumbsup:

I agree.


I can’t stand Drew Carey. This makes me sad.

I’m no fan of Rosie, but how is a Playboy Mansion regular better?

He lacks the mouth that Rosie has.

So much better than Rosie, but then again anyone hosting the show would be better than her.

I was hoping for Chuck Woollery or Tom Bergeron. They weren’t even in the running, but they would have done a way better job than Drew Carey. With Drew Carey on it, the show’s going to get all hip and obnoxious, and The Price Is Right’s uncoolness is part of what made it so great.

No one is uncooler than Drew “Uncool” Carey.:thumbsup:

I always thought it was cool that Drew had an ultrasound of a baby at the end of his shows. I wonder if he’s prolife. —KCT

Too bad George Hamilton didnt get it - maybe the thought working part time chilled him to the bone :smiley:

But Drew Carey isn’t the kind I mean. He hasn’t yet passed through the barrier of “so uncool it’s cool again” like The Price is Right and a lot of the seventies and eighties pop culture that’s going on with the hipsters. Drew Carey is of the nineties. And hopefully nineties pop culture will never come back.

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