Drew Mariani interview with ghost/poltergeist author

I heard briefly a few minutes of a repeat of the Drew Mariani show today with a priest, I believe, who just wrote a book about poltergeists and ghosts. Does anyone know who that priest was and what day he was on originally so I can look up the archive? Thx.

No Relevant Radio listeners???

I heard this too, but I forget what day I heard it and what the priest’s name was. On the relevant radio site, last weeks programs aren’t in the archives yet, so you may want to try to email Drew. He could probably tell you.


if you find out, let me know.

Don’t get your hopes up - I emailed Mr. Mariani once because I couldn’t find the name of a priest that he had on his show and I got, as the Beatles once sang, no reply.

FINALLY! They updated their audio archives today.

It was Fr. John Hampsch: Poltergeist & Ghosts.
In hour #2 apparently. Here is the archive page.

CORRECTION TO PREVIOUS POST…I have since downloaded the episode. The interview on Ghosts is Hour #3.

I remember that show. It was quite interesting. I ordered the small read on it. Poltergeists and Seven Types of Ghosts.

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