Drexel University professor under fire for "white genocide" tweet


“Fake news” has been a big topic of discussion of late, but I think a bigger problem is “fake education”. Students go hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt for a piece of paper that says they’re educated, but doesn’t actually impart any useful skills. The professor here lists his academic specialties as “race and racism”. While I’m sure those a very interesting topics, there just aren’t too many jobs for experts in “race and racism”. It’s not what could be called a “growth field”.



It is nice to see a university that is not afraid to call out a professor for a change. Usually they support them no matter how inflammatory their comments are.


You could say the same about majoring in astronomy, but is there something “fake” about astronomy?

I think that political parties that are effective at getting votes study their support in various demographic categories, including racial categories. Political parties that aren’t effective at getting votes have no power, except for the occasional coup or revolution that occurs somewhere in the world. So, it shouldn’t be surprising that people often have difficulty getting jobs in various fields unless they have degrees, and cannot get degrees unless they have – in addition to courses in their major subject – credit in other courses from a list of options that always includes such things as “race and racism.”

Using polling results in various demographic categories as a basis for selecting policies might seem to be “inauthentic” political calculation, because there is no agenda to abolish systematic injustices, and not even an agenda that is likely to provide peace and prosperity.

However, is there anything “fake” about such political calculation? Of course, political parties are more likely to consult professors rather than to consult a student who has credit in one course in “race and racism.” What the professors say in those consultations is off-the-record, in contrast with the fakery in textbooks, tweets, etc.


There seems to be a very well organized campaign and a concerted effort to dumb down college students to the most abysmal degree possible. I can’t hardly believe what’s happening to American college kids. Between the absurd stupidities being taught in feminist studies courses and the race-baiting, anti-white hatred and self-hatred that’s apparent and on-show in liberal student circles, I just don’t see how future generations are even going to be able to function in the world. How are students of these sorts of professors even going to survive in the post-college world? They won’t be capable of functioning on any level in the real world. In this article some lily white über-hippie professor is calling for white genocide?!?? :confused: How is this even possible? An entire generation is being taught that male and female gender don’t even exist! And they seem to believe it! There are university students who actually believe that male and female couplings resulting in the birth of offspring is unspeakably bizarre and oppressive in and of itself. :confused: I see college age children playing at crudely mimicking being adults, who are “triggered” when they’re not referred to by the correct pronoun. College-age kids literally breaking down into tears and ceasing all functioning, seeking immediate emergency psychiatric help and mega-prescriptions of God-alone-knows-what brand of SSRIs to survive the brutal, inhuman trauma of being referred to by the wrong sexual adjective. And the conservative right isn’t necessarily qualitatively different - it’s just gone collectively insane in different ways. From my perspective, it’s difficult as an observer to even fathom what’s coming down the pike. Honestly, I just want off this ride.

As far as getting tens of thousands of dollars into debt is concerned, one could simply obtain all the free PDF college textbooks one desires, and go from there. A good many of these university professors simply pull all of their lectures directly from Wikipedia anyway. The situation is grim.


This is the the regressive left. These are teachers, students, politicians and normal citizens making moves that undermine the progress we made. An example is with the UCLA now offering segregated housing for African American and other ethnicites. This is what happens when radicals are given far too large of a platform that people can say such abhorant things. Another example comes from the kidnapping and torture of a white disabled man. They think its alright because thats what their echo chambers and safe spaces say. I mean not to offend anyone with this, but I am pointing out what I think is the problem. The Social justice Ideology, BLM, all of it is dangerous. It is inspired by things like pre civil rights segragation and the communist manifesto. This has to stop.


If you read the article, you’ll note that he wasn’t actually calling for the deaths of all white people. He is white himself. He was just mocking a neo-Nazi concept. People made a big deal out of this for nothing really.


You are being too kind. The big deal was not started innocently, but deliberately by the alt-right. They knew exactly what the Professor meant, and spun it into something else.

BTW this is an excellent example of fake news:



Lol what you describe about today’s students fits the bill with what I am observing from those currently in college or just graduated. Brainwashed zombies. The sad part is if this continues the majority of ‘America’ will consist of people with the ideologied shoved on them from those in authority. Slick pschology - those in the older generations must give them the means they NEED to get out from the nets they are trapped in.

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