Dribbled Precious Blood on Chin


Today at Mass I received the Precious Blood. It was in a different, lighter weight chalice than they usually use, and I drank two quickly and dribbled some of the Precious Blood on my chin. Horrified, I went back to my seat and told my husband that I had dribbled some on my chin. He said to take my fingers and wipe my chin and put the Precious Blood in my mouth. So I did. My face still felt sticky, but my husband couldn’t see anything there. I couldn’t see anything on my fingers, and it didn’t appear that I had dribbled anything on my clothing. I worried that I might have gotten some in my hair, but I ran my fingers through it and didn’t feel anything. After Mass, I was worried about washing my hands in the bathroom sink, so I used hand sanitizer. Eventually the stickiness on my face seemed to evaporate. I know that I didn’t purposely commit sacrilige, but I still wonder if I handled this situation correctly. I am thinking that drinking the Precious Blood may not be worth the risk of spilling.


You handled this situation very correctly. You consumed the Precious Blood to the extent possible, and did not wash in the sink. Bless you!

This article: Ask an Apologist: How do I clean the precious blood off clothing? suggests that when there is a need to wash (clothing, skin, or hair), you could wash in a basin of water, and then empty the basin into the earth.

May the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times in all ways.
(from 2 Thessalonians 3:16)


Don’t worry. You did handle it well and don’t forget that God do understand mishaps. If you sin and don’t know it is a sin you are not held responsible. I’ll bet the CCC are full of passages nobody on this or any other forums, know about, so the possibility to sin is very likely.


You did nothing wrong so don’t worry. Drink the blood if you can it is better for you. If Jesus asked you t drink his blood will you refuse our Blessed Lord?


Thank you. I just washed my face as regular in the shower because that was hours later, my face was no longer sticky, and I f[size=]igured our Lord was no longer present.[/size]

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