Drinking alcohol - when is it enough

I have heard it said that Jesus turned the water into high quality Grape Juice ( Welch’s , ha ) or that since their water was often unsafe to drink, that’s why they had the custom of drinking wine.

There’s only one demon I need to deal with: the one inside of me. It’s the state in which I’m separated from God and that makes me unable to live as a human being.

When I joined NA and really grabbed hold of that program, that began to change. As I learned how to be a human being, my drive to get high fell away and my many inappropriate behaviors began to be replaced with ones more worthy of a child of God. Last Friday was the 33rd anniversary of the last time I used drugs, and I still think it’s amazing that I get another day. It’s been over thirty years since the last time I really wanted to get high; sometimes it still looks good but like Al Kresta says: “birds fly through the air; we don’t have to let them nest on our heads”.

So long as I deal with that demon, the others can’t harm me very much.

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It’s always last night…:joy:

my baptist professor Protestant Theology at my Catholic university noted that he got in trouble growing up for not understanding why Jesus was criticized for too much Welch’s . . .

And, seriously, the context makes it pretty clear that was real wine, not juice.

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