Drinking underage a mortal sin?

Is drinking alcohol under the legal age in your jurisdiction a mortal sin (or rather grave matter)? I always assumed it was, but I’d like to hear others’ opinions.

I think our legal system accepts that parents might give children small portions of wine or a sip of beer at holiday dinners etc.

However, other than that I think that if a teen drinks outside the home (e.g. in the woods or at a teen party) it is at least venially sinful and quickly becomes gravely sinful if they continue to drink more than a very small amount. Even the bad example and temptation of a small amount can be serious.

Bottom line: Don’t drink until you are of age and when you are of age don’t drive drunk. Alcohol is powerful and should always be used with caution.

Obviously not if you drink the wine at mass. But however too much of anything is sinful. If you binge drink or get drunk intentionally then yes it is a sin regardless if you are underage or not. You are also harming your body by doing that and put yourself in danger of death.

However having one or two drinks or as much as you can handle without getting too far or really drunk, I don’t think it’s sinful. The bible has so many occasions of drinking on social occasion.

However we are obligated to obey the law of the land and it is illegal to drink under age in this country. While personally I don’t believe that law is very sound or justified, we are still required to obey it.

However being guilty of it myself and having a few drinks underage (5 months until of age) once or twice a year on rare social occasions but not getting nearly drunk. I don’t think thats a sin at all.

no…drinking underage, I do not think is a sin. However, i believe it can only be done under these circumstances - if your parents allow you (if your underage) and socially (so not by yourself if your over or under the age, but with family and friends)! That is what I have always gone by when I was underage. Drinking becomes a sin when you have the intention of getting drunk and under the influence - becoming reckless! The reasons i have just described to you are the reasons for the propositions by govs. While also, children often can’t handle excessive amounts of alchohol - so also bound by health reasons. but definately - watch the limit of how much you drink!
i hope that helped!

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I’d say it’s a mortal sin if you’re parents don’t want you drinking and you do anyway, since that’d be disrespecting them. If your parents let you drink small amounts though, then I’d say it’s fine as long as you don’t get drunk. It’d still be a venial sin since it’s against the law but I wouldn’t say it’s a big deal.

Ultimately between you, your parents, and your conscience I guess.

I think it depends on the circumstances, certainly getting drunk is a sin even if you are like 30, but I think it depends on the circumstances.

Underage drinking is a venial sin because it is breaking the law. Drinking to get drunk is mortal sin just like it is at any age.

Drunkenness is a mortal sin. It would also be a mortal sin for a minor to drink without their parents’ consent, or to (say) operate a vehicle under the influence (or endanger the lives of others in some other way). Otherwise, I’d say it is a venial sin.

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