Drive-in church keeps the faithful coming


The first thing worshipers learn to do is communicate by honking their horns. “That’s applause. When we are honking we are clapping and that goes into the heavens too. See everything here goes up to heaven cause it’s an open sky,” explained Cochran. “If they really like the song…they let 'er rip.”


Wow, nothing like worshipping God your way rather than His!

“Thou shalt honk thy horns instead of acclaiming ‘AMEN’”


We have a Church like that not far from my house. It sort of reminds me of fast food. The McDonald’s of worship services.

Jeff S.




Do they advertise Sunday morning specials? If you are in a hurry can you just pick up the day’s readings for later on? Neat.


I guess parishioners don’t hold hands when they say the Lord’s Prayer.


This is so lame. :rolleyes: It’s absolutely ridiculous.


Drive in Holy Communion? Will that ever happen to the Catholic Church?


I doubt they do Holy Communion at these drive-in services - it’s a Protestant group.

Will that ever happen to the Catholic Church?

Papal Masses are often outdoors, but I have never heard of anyone participating from inside their car.


Rev Schuller started his Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove [CA]preaching in a drive-in on Sunday mornings.


Well its not my cup of tea, but obviously appeals to some folk. At least for 29 years they have attended, time hasnt shut it down.

My Catholic friend all but cant go to mass because her child is ADD. Hes incapable of sitting, she tries to go to another church (german) where they have rooms in the balcony so she sits in the room by herself with her son. I bet this drive in although not Catholic shed like. We dont have anything like this in Canada.

Buildings are expensive, and can be hard to find. Alot of churches take over store locations, old buildings, rent gymnasiums in schools. Somewhere to meet. The Baptists in my city rent a auditiorm for concerts for Good Friday, so different churches can meet together. There is a street ministry who has service by the river. Its nice to have a building but not all can have one. Ive been to church in a bar. Even today we went to the House of Blues in Vegas for our Easter Service (im travelling) and God was in the House, can I get a witness:D

Theres the church who meets in a basement, after sneaking one by one into it. They can never have a building in China. Gods Word does not go out empty, and some of us find it in odd spots


Funny stuff, and I have a YouTube Link here:


Wow, that’s silly.

I guess some people like dictating terms to Jesus, not the other way around.

not getting out of the family car to be amongst other people is a little low really…


Actually some of them do, I think you pick up your “communion kit” with bread and grape juice in them when you drive up. Then you take communion yourself.:nope:


Its not meant to be funny it is dedicated to the Reverends wife who passed away.

I dont know they all seem rather elderly, and elderly do have mobility problems. Whos to judge, I bet they know each other more than the clip shows. Id say let them have their church. I saw one in Flordia as well now I know what its all about.


Walk into any Catholic Church any day of the week - you’ll see plenty of elderly with mobility problems as well, but they still make the effort to get out of their cars and physically enter the building!


sure theres elderly in Catholic churches and even Baptist churches.

I only said these in the video seemed elderly, and perhaps why that church has appeal to them. We dont know their lives, we are not supposed to judge. Since that church has been for 29 yrs it must be fullfilling a need. Thats all Im saying, making fun of them is quite uncharitable.

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