Drive through Confession


Went to the extraordinary form of the Mass this afternoon. I like this form because I can do confession, public rosary, and mass all in one visit.

The confession line was long. When I went into the confessional I said my sins and the priest gave me a penance and absolved me and told me to go in peace. Everytime I’ve gone to confession they say a long prayer first they don’t just say “I absolve you” Is this acceptable?


As long as somewhere the priest says, "I absolve you," or in Latin, "Ego te absolvo," then your confession is valid.

However, the actual formula is a bit longer and consists of more than that.


thank you


Some priests will say the prayer of absolution quietly while the penitent is making an act of contrition, and only say the concluding formula "Ego te absolvo...." out loud once the penitent is finished. That is licit. If, OTOH, the priest actually didn't recite the whole prayer, it's illicit, but that's the priest's problem, not yours. As YoungTradCath said, you're still validly absolved with just the "ego te absolvo" part of the formula.


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