Drive thru Eucharist?

More and more I’m thinking it’s time for a drive-thru Eucharist. Why should busy people- obviously much busier than the rest of us- have to take so much time out of their Sunday to rush to Mass in time for the Gospel reading or the last half of the homily, sit through all that Eucharistic liturgy, and wait in line for Jesus with the hoi-polloi before they can cut out the side door before the announcements and missa? There should be a drive through option! It doesn’t even need to be manned by a priest or a deacon, an EMHC is fine.

Gosh Faithdancer, what a absolutely time-saving idea! Our chapel backs right up to the parking lot. With only a little modification, we could arrange the drive thru and knock out a small service window in the side of the chapel. It would be so much easier to for folks to get to the football stadium that way, or home to the tv. I wonder too if families with young children might be encouraged to use this. That way they would not have to spend a whole hour making their children be quiet (or not!) It would make the communion line much shorter for those of us who want to show that we really know what the liturgy is about. Keep those suggestions coming!!!:rolleyes:

:thumbsup:I like your style, Ohana!

I’ve always wondered about the American fascination with drive thrus. I know people who actually live most of their lives in a car. I don’t understand this.

Drive thru restaurants, banks, liquor stores. (I actually saw a drive through liquor store in Arizona.)

I have an Australian friend who once turned to me and say “Honestly can anyone be that lazy?”

Now this drive thru Eucharist. How about a drive thru wedding?

Oh why not. Thanks to the insurance companies, we have drive thru deliveries - babies that is!

Or better yet, we could team up with McDonalds and use their drive thru and offer a 2 for 1 meal.

A terrible idea. God wants us to be set apart from the secular world - a people set apart and different and to set apart a special day to worship just Him period!

Is God asking too much of us? I mean really 1 day a week, 1 hour or less to meet Him at the Cross and tell Him Thank You for loving me that much!

The sheer levels of sarcasm in those first two posts gave me cancer. I have to go to the hospital now… thank you >_>

Though, in all seriousness; if this happened there are probably a lot of parishioners who would use it and think nothing of it; heck, they’d probably love it, not having to sit through those boring old readings; and not having to witness that silly little miracle that happens every Sunday. That’d save them so much time for their really important pursuits.

… Oh no, I’ve caught the sarcasm, quick, someone get me the antidote…

There actually are drive thru wedding chapels in Las Vegas.

Hopefully everyone realizes that the OP is not making a serious suggestion but is employing a bit of satire.

Not exactly a drive-through Eucharist, but there actually used to be a drive-in Mass at my current diocese (back in the late sixties,) but people got out of their cars and went to the altar to receive the Eucharist. “Ushers” did, however, go from car to car for the collection during the Offertory. It went on for a few years, but there was a logical reason.

If memory of my relatives’ tales of it run correctly, the parish had suddenly expanded exponentially by a sudden move of a lot of city people to this particular suburb. The original church couldn’t accommodate all the parishioners, even with multiple Sunday Masses, and a decision had been made to first build the school building, move the Mass into the cafeteria there, and then construct the church. The “drive in” Mass was held for those few years between the time the original small church was razed and the school was constructed. The Mass was broadcast over a large PA system.

They still do, however, have the large concrete altar, complete with large crucifix behind it, right at the back of the parking lot! Just out of curiosity, I went and took a look at it, it really was built reverently and beautifully, and it still is in good shape. The parish uses it as a centerpiece for a meditation garden now.

There’s a drive thru pharmacy available for that purpose. :slight_smile:

That’s pretty wild!

What a horrid idea!!! :banghead:

:smiley: lol


Well, mea culpa. Hopefully I can find a drive thru confessional today. I mean, who has time to wait in that line on a Saturday afternoon?

But this bad. It would interfere with Community Spirit. How could we telepathically identify with the Faith Community by singing “Go Light Your World” instead of talking to Jesus?

(Aren’t church songs supposed to encourage healthy behavior, instead of telling you to run with lit candles?)

And why not a drive thru Sacrament of Healing, right there at the local pharmacy? The pharmacist can keep the consecrated oil in stock, and coordinate a weekly schedule with the local parish.

Is this a joke? cause its not funny :dts:

It’s satire.

Then everyone who wants to desicrate the blessed sacrement would have easy access. How would you ensure they comsumed it before leaving as eucharistic ministers are supposed to do?

Satire, it’s satire XD As far as this hypothetical is concerned, the types of people who would use it would probably put the Eucharist in their purses to eat it with something else later that morning.

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