Driver faces attempted murder charges after hitting 3 Phoenix officers


Sounds like a hate crime to me


What do you know about his motives? The news article didn’t mention any, although it did say that the police thought the attack was due, in part, to “impairment.”


Heal the three injured officers. Melt the ice around our hearts and Spirits between all ethnic groups. If police are going to be assassinated, their fear level is up. Their judgement skills will be off and more mistakes can happen.
This mistake by the driver, hopefully was an accident while he was impaired. Still
Responsible for his actions. There will be jail time for him, but w good behavior, if all police survive, he could go on house arrest, then probation. Maybe clear after 10yrs. If on purpose and a hate crime, all bets are off.
God this driver/prisoner needs your help. Make clarity in the situation. Protect him in jail. Lead him to a relationship w you in this scary journey he is on.
in Christ’s love
Tweedlealice :gopray::blessyou::heart:


It appeared intentional. Praying for complete and speedy recovery for the officers.


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