Driver seriously injures woman during Zombie Walk


Yahoo! News:

Driver seriously injures woman during Zombie Walk

SAN DIEGO (AP) — A driver struck and seriously injured a woman while fleeing from angry members of the annual Zombie Walk held during Comic-Con, police said.

The 48-year-old driver and his family, who are all deaf, had waited for several minutes at a downtown intersection Saturday as a large crowd taking part in the walk, including some in zombie makeup, went by at around 5:30 p.m., Officer David Stafford said.
However, when small children in the car became frightened of the crowd, the driver rolled slowly forward to get through, Stafford said.

Some crowd members became angry, surrounded the car, pounded on it, climbed on it and smashed the windshield, he said.
The driver then sped up to flee and sideswiped a 64-year-old woman, who fell under the car.

“Her arm was badly scraped. It’s going to need surgery,” he said.
Some witnesses chased the car for several blocks until the driver spotted a police officer and stopped.
The driver was not arrested but the investigation continued, Stafford said.

What is wrong with people? They couldn’t just let this family thru?
I certainly hope the driver isn’t prosecuted.


What is wrong with them?

They are like so many others, you must accept and embrace what they do. You must also encourage it.

They simply don’t understand why everyone doesn’t just love their antics.


According to the story, no one bothered the car until this guy started moving forward in to the crowd. That doesn’t justify beating on the car and breaking the windshield, but still, you don’t just start driving into people.


Tell that to the guy in New York who was being intimidated by the bikers, tried to flee and hit one of them, and then was chased and beaten.

It’s not as if he intentionally drove into a crowd of people - they were beating on the car with his young children inside, who were already frightened, broke the windshield, and who knows what would have happened. Fleeing was a matter of self-defense, and it was terrible what happened to this woman, who probably wasn’t even involved in the mayhem, but the mob is responsible for this, not the driver.


I agree - embracing what they do - interfering with traffic to play zombie, like a bunch of moronic 12 year olds. Our society has degenerated to the point where we must cater to the whims of everyone who wants to act like a total idiot. God forbid they should be forced to keep the street clear.


Come on, now, that’s nothing new - we’ve been following the laws passed by Congress for over 200 years!


It seems that with proper police presence-if this was a properly permitted event-would have prevented this.

As is, the driver needs to be held accountable for running over the elderly woman. (She may not even have been involved in attacking the drivers car)


I disagree. It is clearly not her fault (unless, of course, she was part of the harassing crowd, but I doubt she was), but is it the fault of the driver? If it was verbal threats, or people putting their hands on the car, maybe driving through a crowd is excessive. But when people jump on the roof of the car and then break the windshield, how does he know that the lives of him and his family are not in severe and immediate danger? At that point, he does what is necessary to flee.

If you want people to blame, blame those who attacked the vehicle.


I used to go to the comic-con years ago. The problem is how big it’s gotten. There were 130,000+ people there last year. The number of people, the traffic, and the costs (travel, lodging, meals, con tickets etc.) have turned it into something I no longer want to attend. It sounds like they should have had some sort of traffic/pedestrian control out there but even if they had that, it’s so congested I don’t know if even that would have helped.


This almost sounds the same way World War Z started.


The zombies bothered the family first by not letting them thru the intersection.
And no one “just drove into people”. The story says the driver rolled forward slowly and was then attacked.


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