Driver Sleeps Through 6 Red Lights, Charged With DUI in Pennsylvania

One of my Staff Sergeants did this off post once. The Killeen police had to wake her up than haul her little butt to jail.

Driver Sleeps Through 6 Red Lights, Charged With DUI in Pennsylvania,2933,506065,00.html

DILLSBURG, Pa. — Police say horns started honking as a sport-utility vehicle sat through six red lights at a south-central Pennsylvania intersection.
Officers arrived to investigate the SUV that seemed to be parked in the intersection, and found the driver asleep at the wheel, with his foot on the brake and a beer in the console.
Officers yelled to wake the man, then had to quickly halt the vehicle when his foot came off the brake and it drifted into the intersection Saturday night in Carroll Township, about

I’ve never understood how people can get THAT drunk. Thank God, I’d be sick long before I reached that level.


I did that in '71 in VA. I wasn’t drunk, I was pledging my fraternity and had been awake all night. Since the light was red I thought it would be a good time to take a little nap.

The guy behind me was royally [irked.]

The funny thing is my platoon leader called me on a Friday night we got off early that day so a bunch of are barbequing on my back deck and needless to say the beer was flowing. Well my Lieutenant said, “the commander wants you to go the police station and pick up the arrest report.”

I told the Lt a bunch of us sergeants have been partying all afternoon and I’ve had over three beers I’m not driving to the police station. He then got stupid and said , “Sergeant I order you to go pickup that report!” I said, “You’re ordering me to drink and drive that’s an unlawful order forget you Lieutenant,” and I hung up the phone.

Now here’s the funny thing we think what happened is that the police department thinks the army picked up the report and went though army channels. This Staff Sergeant was already on probation from the State of Texas for DWI. In this case she should have been charged by the State again.

But the lieutenant went down and somehow got the original arrest report not a copy of it. She never got charged; she kept asking her probation officer about it and he said nothings come down on you.

She got of the army about a little over a year later. Who says Second Lieutenants screw up stuff. :smiley:

And the woman, never having been charged, was not *forced *to get help? I’m glad the situation ended positively.

I don’t know how it is today but back then if you got a DWI you are automatically ordered into the drug and alcohol program by the army. If the DWI is off post you lose your driving privileges on post. She was already in the D&A program on post.

I witnessed soldiers that are ordered to take a pill daily if front of the First Sergeant if they drink alcohol they get sick and throw-up.

Somehow this one fell through the cracks. If nothing comes down through official channels there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

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