Driverless vehicles could soon be on the road

April 21, 2014, 4:21 PM|Automakers debuted their driverless vehicles at the International Auto Show in New York. Volvo says its driverless cars could be at dealerships around the world in less than five years. Jericka Duncan reports.

I hope not.

It had to happen.

I mean, there is so much automatic equipment above our heads, anyway, that the automatic stuff moving on land as well was just a matter of time.


…and they will last until the first crashes and multi-million dollar lawsuits.

Good. It’s people behind the wheel that really scare me. When I go out for a run or a bike ride I usually notice over half the drivers are paying more attention to their phones than to the road. I believe driverless vehicles are going to be safer than what we have now.

It will be interesting to see if they are safer, although part of the problem is that most of us think we are above average drivers.

I think our great-great grandchildren will wonder how we ever accepted as many road deaths as we do now.

The technology for driverless vehicles is about 10-20 years away, but I think once we get there the roads will be much safer. And yes, most bad drivers have no idea how truly awful they are behind the wheel.

The problem isn’t the driverless technology per se, but the people who are going to think that they can fix it at home. If someone uses zip-ties to “fix” a broken muffler bracket, how good of a job do you think they’ll do with something like this?

The days of home mechanics are over, except for the few diehards operating 1900s vehicles.

A modern engine-computer is already beyond consumer maintenance.

Bring on the land drones, I say. Driving safely is already at the max level of the human nervous system. As in the air, machines can do better.


I believe parts of California have made “smart cars,” legal on Federal Highways.

These cars, once you enter the freeway, you turn on your smart car option and it drives itself. It will let you know when your exist is coming and will take the off ramp exit, at which point you then take control of the car.

They say this will prevent grid lock during rush hours.

They are probably safer than driver controlled cars for the majority of accidents are caused by human error.


these could actually be good for those who need a car to get somewhere but can’t drive due to a disability or another condition. I would love one of these - I don’t drive and I don’t think I could handle a car (when I tried to learn years ago, I was terrified when I jumped a curb trying to turn the car I was practicing with). Pretty sure even now I would not want to be on the road, especially with crazy drivers and speeders and those who text or talk on their phone.

Self Driving car would be a great thing for those who aren’t able to drive.

though I am STILL waiting for that Jetsons car that flies and then folds into a briefcase!

IMO, this kind of thing should have been out already, I mean its 2014!!

I think driverless cars will be safer than humans driving, after all, it is rare for a computer to make a mistake, if we have computers driving our cars, I would bet accidents become extremely rare, if they ever happen (once everyone has this type of car).

I wonder if they will allow this on a large scale though, because after all, cities and states rely heavily on fines from speeding and other moving violations, if all this were to suddenly go away, where would they come up with the money to supplement this?

I also wonder if they truly want DUIs to end, if we had driverless cars, no one would ever be charged with drunk driving anymore, the cities, counties and states would be loosing ALOT of money from these fines…makes me wonder if they truly want this to stop…I know for a fact our county literally RELIES on a certain number of speeding/moving violation citations to be given out for certain revenue, driverless cars would cause all this to go away.

There will never be 100% driver-less cars.

There will be smart cars and in fact, they are already here.

But they will never be able to remove a driver’s ability to override the system, especially
in areas where there is heavy snow fall and where drivers have to take unimproved roads.

On highways, sure. Perhaps even in cities.


Well, if the technology is there, it would probably be safer for a computer to navigate thru these types of conditions better than a person, after all, the computer could sense everything that is going on with the car and the road, with a person at the controls, they have a much greater chance of making a mistake or mis-judging conditions.

Once we get this type of technology, the cars will likely communicate with other cars, as well as the roads themselves.

This is one of those things where it would require everyone on the road to be using these types of cars, versus just some, it wouldnt work if some people were using the technology and some others were driving manually, its all or nothing.

I could see this being the norm within 100 + years. I see insurance companies and health care issues to be main factors in this decision, I think in general, it would be great, and accidents would be a very rare occurrence, so it would save lots of money, but on the other hand, no one would need to carry insurance, so thats alot of loss for the insurance companies, but thats what happens with progress, some industries arent needed anymore as our technology gets better and better.

Really bad idea. There is no justification for this. A computer program, no matter how sophisticated, can never contain enough information to deal with all possible events.

Examples: Driving in farm country, on a standard paved road, someone I know hit a deer that leapt out in front of him. He had no opportunity to evade it.

A truck carrying various household items suddenly has a box fly out of it. Fortunately, it contained items that were not hazardous but what if it didn’t?

A car driven by an acquaintance has to avoid another vehicle, hits a patch of black ice, and flips over.

There are bridge underpasses in my area that flood after a heavy rain, rendering the road impassable, even for semi’s.

I witnessed a car lose control and swerve into a concrete embankment. It appeared that the cause was mechanical failure and not the driver.

Unless the present or future dictatorship forces us to buy such cars, then there will be a mix of human-driven and driverless vehicles on the road. We all saw how well electric cars went over.

Utopia is nice but it’s been tried and does not work. Fewer traffic deaths? Great on paper.

I’ve been reading up on the details of military driverless vehicles. No driver dies when hitting a mine but the vehicle is put out of action and is vulnerable to attack.

I hope it has an integrated “pothole avoidance system.” When a State can’t maintain the roads because it claims it can’t afford to, then what?


Keep in mind that computers in cars, do make errors because errors in programing.

Toyota for instance, which I have a Tacoma, had an acceleration problem, which Toyota couldn’t find, until an engineer in the US discovered the problem in the computer’s flash code, which cause the vehicles to accelerate when the brake was depressed…


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