Driving from Baltimore, MD to Greenville, SC


What is there to do along the way? How about in Greenville?


If you’re taking I-95, there’s a fun little Mexican-themed tourist trap at the NC/SC border called South of the Border. Along the same highway in Johnston county in NC is a huge outlet mall that’s definitely worth a look. I have a friend who bought a sweater there for a penny because they piled discount after discount on its already low price! You could also check out the museums here in Raleigh. If you’re traveling with children, the Marbles Kids Museum would be fun for them.
If your route takes you towards the western part of the state, there is a waterpark called Emerald Pointed on Greensboro and Carrowinds near Charlotte.
Winston-Salem also has a wonderful living history place called Old Salem.
I hope that helps!


You might find that Mt. Airy is worth a detour, especially if you go during Mayberry Days. surryarts.org/mayberrydays/index.html

By the way, you will see "Pedro" signs touting South of the Border for miles Sof B is the most tacky place you are likely to ever see.



Thanks . . . my husband and I will be making the drive to see his aunt. It will also be our vacation; I start a new job on July 5th.

I bought a Carolinas travel book today!


I am not sure how you get from Baltimore to SC, but I know that on our way to the Outer Banks from PA there are several plantation sites that offer tours. They look beautiful from the road. I am not sure how much little kids would enjoy that though!


Greenville is where I was born but I'm not sure of very many tourist attractions. Downtown Greenville is very nice. It has the home of Shoeless Joe Jackson and a cool new suspension bridge over the Reedy River. There is a great restaurant and microbrewery which I can't remember the name of at the moment, sorry. Hope you have fun. I would be glad to help more but I live in Birmingham, AL for school and my wife is giving birth to our first child as we speak!



The Mint Museum, Museum of the New South and Nascar Hall of Fame in Uptown Charlotte are all very good. These is also the Discovery Place (children's museum) if you have kids.


South of the Border rocks, it the cheesiet tourist trap in the world, loveable campy stuff. The billboards are the really amazing part. My friend and I counted 60 of them on southbound to Dillon, SC.

Bring CDs, MP3, audiobooks, and alot of food-that save money, so you don't have to stop everywhere.

Drive safely!


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