Driving Through NY City


I may be driving thru NY city this weekend. (Baltimore to Rhode Island and back, probably on I - 95)

I would be leaving RI sometime on Sunday and I prefer to be home by midnight or so.

Is there a good time to drive through NYC on a Sunday? If so, what time? —KCT


If you’re on I-95, you’ll want to avoid the 3 hours before a Yankee game if there is one scheduled for Yankee Stadium that day. You won’t be going through New York City; you will be on the Cross Bronx Expressway. It’s a **** shoot. Any time before noon is probably pretty good. It gets really backed up after that, because people are out visiting family or going to ballgames!


Sorry I’m no help, but you might want to ask this in the Water Cooler too ( I think Back Fence). I asked for some info on touring NYC a couple weeks ago and got good ideas.

Oh lol, mercygate answered while I was typing.


I came back from Philadelphia to Connecticut on a Sunday a number of years ago. I hit the Cross Bronx right after the Yankee game got out:( .

My advice, go to EWTN’s website and download some of their podcasts to burn to CD’s in case you are stuck in traffic:thumbsup:


you can totally skip I-95 and going thru the City hence avoid the traffic that will be there no matter what time you drive through:)
take the PPI which you can catch off of I-95 (at the GWB) and connect to it later via I-287.


Good advice.

Better yet, get on 9W north to the Tappan Zee Bridge and pick up the Cross Westchester Expressway to I-95. 9W is a local road but it stays closer to the river. The Palisades Interstate Parkway veers WAAAYYYY to the west.


Actaully the PIP and 9W run parrallel to each other:) and the PIP hugs the Hudson where 9W runs more westward…and you can catch the Tappan Zee right off of the PIP…exit 9 I think


. . . not on my map. I go this route all the time. PIP hugs the river up to the NY border then veers west. In any event either way will get him there and keep him off the Cross Bronx.


Heh, good luck…just what other posters said, avoid being around if the Yankees are playing. Leave before noon, is my advice.


Daughter will be flying home from RI as it’s cheaper than me going to get her!! —KCT




Check a map for a way around NYC. I am thinking you could take the NJ Turnpike (95) to Route 17 North, to the NY Thruway South and cross at the Tappan Zee Bridge which will take you through Connecticut. But actually travelling through Connecticut is just as bad as NYC and NJ. In any case, if you are traveling on a Friday, do not be in NJ, the Connecticut suburbs, or in the outskirts of NYC between 4 and 6 on Friday night–rush hour traffic. Otherwise, you should be fine.


:eek: taking her all over the map to bypass NYC… we did provide an easier way but KCT found an even easier way…A PLANE:)


Dd has to come home from a girl’s club convention early to attend a funeral. I was sort of up for a road trip - a friend was going to go with me - but the one way airfare was cheaper and easier :slight_smile: —KCT


Well, duh! I guess I missed that post!


Well Duh…that is ok Regina.:smiley:


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