Drone spotted in path of American Airlines flight approaching Miami International Airport


From local10.com




Oh jeez. Here we go again. This is why they’re going to legislate drones into oblivion. Because a few numbskulls do really stupid things.


Hey, ya just can’t beat stupid!


Thats going to be about as effective as the gun registration though…too many drones were sold into private hands before anyone thought there could be problems, so there is literally no way to register all these.

Im still surprised one has not been used in an attack or other crimes yet.


Don’t think it’s too late at all. Even if there are unregistered ones you just have to wait until a cop sees one doing something stupid that isn’t registered and you throw the book at them. People will clue in real fast. Not unlike a century ago when cars were first catching on. Plus unlike guns, no one has a right to bear drone…


Well, there are numbskulls doing stupid stuff all the time which is why we need laws. As Madison said, “If men ere angels we would need no government.”


There is no way to identify the owner/ operator of a drone though, in order to find the person, you would have to capture the drone and even then it would be tough to find who was controlling it.

I think this will become a larger problem when drone technology progresses, say about 5-10 yrs down the road, once they can carry a little more weight, possibly armed, and God knows what else, criminal use will become more frequent.


Drone Registration–what you need to know.


Which is why they’ll be outlawed sooner rather than later. It’s a technology far too easily abused by both those with ill intent, and those that are just really stupid. And it’s actually not that hard to identify the users right now. They’re not generally that far from the drone so as to maintain control. They’ve found every rouge drone operator I’ve heard about so far just like they always seem to find the numbskulls who shine lasers at planes. Occasionally the gov’t watching everything does go toward something good. Situations like this are one of those times.


The bottom line is: drones can be used by the stupid and criminals. We don’t need more potential danger than what we have already.



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