Drones to drop Bibles on Islamic State territory


Drones are to be used to drop Bibles over land controlled by Islamic State in Iraq.

A church in Sweden says it will use the remote controlled devices to distribute small electronic Bibles.

“The bibles are the size of pill boxes and have a display. They require no electricity, but work on their own,” said Livets Ord Church mission director Christian Åkerhielm in an interview with SVT.



I can’t help but remember the scene from the old movie, “Apocalypse Now”. Brando talks about giving the children of a village vaccinations, only to find out the Viet Cong came through right behind them and cut off their arms… I don’t know if it was a true story or not, but I fear ISIS will be even more brutal to anyone who picks up one of these bibles.


Yes, I was wondering how Christians in Iraq feel about this tactic, or if they were even consulted. I appreciate their sincerity of this church, but they will not bear the burden of any consequences to their program.


That and a bible with no instruction is like giving these people a lightbulb with no way to power it.


A noble gesture, but I doubt it will accomplish much. :o


Forgive me, but dropping Sacred Scripture from a plane into an area that might very well do nothing other than burn it, tear it to ribbons, or otherwise destroy and dishonor it? This is hardly fitting.


I would be of the same opinion.

If anything, I fear that Christians trying to save the bibles might be targeted by ISIS


I understand the concern but maybe the point of dropping the Bibles is not only for those that are already Christian, but for ISIS supporters to find, so perhaps it can lead to conversion


Yes, that would be the potential downside.


Conversion is the stated or intended end, but the means used to arrive at this end are hardly prudent.


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