Dropped chalice


I’ve just left a mass where a child dropped the chalice to the floor and all over Fathers trousers. He said to us all not to worry as the moment it falls to the floor and can’t be drank, it becomes wine and water again. I didn’t know this. Is that the same with if you drop the host ?


No. The EMHC or father consumes the host as long as it’s not soiled. (A little dirt never hurt anyone :wink:.) If it’s soiled, they place it on the corporal. Then, after mass, it’s dissolved in water. That water is poured into a plant, which is usually in front of or by the alter. I, as an EMHC, have had to retrieve the smallest of crumb and consume it as it’s still consecrated and considered part of the host.

That is the first I’ve heard about the Precious Blood changing back to wine and water again. In our diocese, the EMHC covers the spill with their purificator (the white cloth they use). They ask the next communicant to wait while they retrieve another purificator. Then, they stand in front of the spill to prevent from stepping on the Precious Blood. After Mass, they pour water onto the Precious Blood and dab it up with a puricator. The liquid that’s there is poured into one of the plants that is there.

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They cleaned it up right away but did state that it was no longer the precious blood the moment it hit the floor/priests trousers


Perhaps @edward_george1 can help here? It might be that I’ve just never heard of this.


As long as the appearance of wine remains, or the appearance of bread remains, the Real Presence remains.

What could be debated (for a very long time here) is whether or not a wine stain has the appearance of wine.


Catholic Answers seems to have addressed this exact situation. Apparently when the precious blood dries, it no longer has the “appearance”. However, a spill still needs to be washed and the water poured into the sacrarium.



The priest is gravely mistaken. The real presence remains in the precious blood, even if it is dropped on the floor.

This is part of the reason why the Council of Trent refused to allow the skirt to receive from the chalice.


It didn’t have the appearance of wine on the floor and was mopped up right away.


He was trying to explain that to a room of tenth graders so I think he meant once the appearance is lost .


None of us can speak to what he meant. We can comment on what he said, however.


Of course just freaking out now lol


No need to freak out. Tomorrow, ask Father to explain what he meant.


If it cannot be consumed, the Real Presence is gone; you cannot consume what is soaked into clothing or dissipated across the floor.


This!! This is what he said he said something to the effect that because you can’t drink it it’s lost its wine-ness so stops being the Blood


We still treat the area/items with great care out of reverence for what (Who) was there. That’s why the special cleaning and water disposal procedures are followed.


Not so. The “Real Presence” remains, the wine has been consecrated. Where did this priest learn such a thing?


How is the Real Presence gone? The wine has been consecrated.


That’s wrong. It remains the precious blood of our Lord.

By the way, how did it get on the priest’s trousers? Wasn’t he wear an alb and chasuble over his trousers?


No need to freak out. Our Lord understands that mishaps like this occasionally happens. Our Lord is very merciful in regards to accidents like this.


Why did the child have the chalice in the first place seems like a pertinent question.

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