Dropped chalice


Same in our parish. We do not have a sacrarium so dirty holy water from the entrance stoups are poured into flower-beds.

The water from purifying challces is drunk by whoever does the purifying.

The water from any puificators used for mopping up spills (rarely happens) is well diluted then allowed to run down the normal sink in the sacristy.


Take a glass of red wine and spill it on your clothes. Then, ask someone what they see there. I’m betting my next paycheck that they tell you “wine!”

Just because it doesn’t have the appearance of “wine in a cup”, it still nevertheless has the appearance of wine.

That’s why the proper thing to do is to let it soak into a purificator (or other cloth), and then soak the cloth in a reasonable quantity of water, and then pour the water straight to earth.

The priest may have just been trying to be pastoral, and keep the students from freaking out. It doesn’t “turn back into wine and water” when it hits the ground.


Well, Jesus had an incline He had to walk up as well.


Exactly! The ‘appearance’ of wine. In other words, the ‘accidents’ the colour etc. Not the ‘substance’ in the way it is used when defining the Real Presence.


I might say it looks fruit juice.

I noticed that there is a qualification in your post of the wine being red. Is consecrated white wine any less the blood of Christ when it’s spilled?


As an EMHC, I feel like it’s more likely to drop the host when people receive on the tongue than in the hand.

For one, the person isn’t kneeling to receive, so instead of placing the host down onto the tongue, I’m raising up to the tongue in an odd angle.

It’s awkward.



If it can be wrung back out (or soaked up and wrung out) into a glass to drink, then it’s definitely still wine. The wine particles didn’t just break down the second it hits the floor or spill on a shirt.


My concern about spilling wine is that our little church is wall-to-wall carpeting.

The precious blood would soak into the carpeting.

Thankfully, it hasn’t happened in my 35 years in the parish.



Our church is also wall-to-wall carpet. That’s why you use water and the purificator to absorb the mixture.


“Mopped up” as in with a mop?


1377 The Eucharistic presence of Christ begins at the moment of the consecration and endures as long as the Eucharistic species subsist. Christ is present whole and entire in each of the species and whole and entire in each of their parts, in such a way that the breaking of the bread does not divide Christ.207


Haha no a cloth


Any concerns I had are gone. Accidents happen and the incident was dealt with respectfully. I know the Lord will be pleased that the children were gathered in their own time to prepare for confirmation to partake in Mass. that’s the important bit for me


Not every church has that. Ours doesn’t.


Right, just as I posted.

Another way of saying the same thing, the Church has nothing in tradition or Scripture, which shows the bread and wine changing back from the Body and Blood of Christ.



The Church teaches that Christ remains present under the appearances of bread and wine as long as the appearances of bread and wine remain (cf. Catechism , no. 1377).


Not quite sure how these clear statements are “nothing”.

When the appearance no longer remains.

When the bread is no longer recognized as bread for instance, when in the stomach and digestive tract or in a small flake that cannot be distinguished as bread (this is why we do not lick our hands after reception or freak out if we become ill shortly after consuming the host) or when the wine is no longer recognizable as wine (again, when in the digestive process or when a the liquid properties of wine are no longer there from a spill)


I believe your talking past me because you’re misunderstanding what I’m trying to say.

When the host is dropped or the precious blood is spilt, or they are abused by a Satanic Cult, the Church does not teach that the Real Presence ceases to exist in them.

What you’re posting from the USCCB site doesn’t contradict what I posted.



Fair enough but I was under the impression they were mandatory.


This stuff right here is why I wasn’t sure about converting. I don’t know what to think half the time after being on here. Perhaps CAF is not a good place for me to be as a new catholic


You might; then again, juice has many of the same accidents as wine.

Nope. Just for illustration’s sake…

No. You’re taking one property (visible liquid) and defining wine from it. It is still liquid, albeit liquid that’s soaked into something. It still has the accidents of wine. Up till that point, though, you were doing good. :wink:

On one hand, your reaction could be, “holy cow! Look at how picky they are!”

On the other hand, it might be, “wow… they’ve really thought this stuff out, and really care about it!” :wink:

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