Dropping ‘Easter’ from eggs sparks culture war in England


Dropping ‘Easter’ from eggs sparks culture war in England

Trevor Grundy | March 24, 2016 | Religion News Service

Thanks be to God there are some Cultural Warriors still in England. FIGHT ON!



It turns out Cadbury, though located in England, is wholly owned by a multinational American company Mondelēz International, which was originally called Kraft Foods, since 2010:

From Wikipedia:
"Kraft Foods Group and Douwe Egberts**

“In August 2011 Kraft Foods announced plans to split into two publicly traded companies, one snack-food and the other grocery.[44] The company changed its name to Mondelez International, specializing in snack foods, in October 2012 and a second company (Kraft Foods Group, specializing in grocery items) was split off.[45] Kraft Foods Group later merged with Heinz to become Kraft Heinz. In 2014, the company announced a merge of its coffee business with the Dutch firm Douwe Egberts;[46] the company would be named Jacobs Douwe Egberts. This actually happened on July 6, 2015.[47]”



American Crusaders?

Happy Easter!



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