Dropping Insurance Agent..My SIL


Okay, my husband has our cars, home and business insurance through his sister (american family) for almost 15 years. We were calling around to get some quotes and we can save a chunk of money if we go to state farm. I feel guilty dumping his sister, but at the same time, I don't think we should feel obligated to pay more with her company. My husband agrees. Just wanted to see what you guys have to say. :o


Give her an opportunity to match the rates, and if she cannot then switch.


Have you spoken with your SIL? I’d ask her if her company can match what the other company offers before you just drop the policy with her. I’ve been with my insurance company for many years and could get a better rate elsewhere, but the company I’m with has been there when I needed them. We’ve been good for each other.


I agree.

Do not blind side your SIL. People who have nothing to hide, hide nothing. If you pull out with out giving her a heads up, she might think its personal. Let he know you are strapped for cash, and give her the opportunity to match the rates. If not, State Farm is a great company too!


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Give her an opportunity to match the rates, and if she cannot then switch.


I agree with this. Just explain what State Farm is offering and how it sounds good and you wanted to know if your sil's company can match it or beat it. There might be something they can work out for a long time loyal client. :)


Thanks for the replies! It never occurred to me that the insurance companies can match quotes.

@Jillian rose, I would never tell my SIL that we were strapped for cash. For one, we are doing okay (but saving a little money is always nice) and two, my SIL loves to tell the family everyone else’s business. Sometimes she is referred as “the newspaper”.:smiley:


Me too. And I NEVER agree with 1ke.


Sorry!! I totally understand. I love my M.I.L a lot, but I have the same problem with her. :thumbsup::D:p:eek: (I really love emoticons)




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Me too. And I NEVER agree with 1ke.




People need to take the time to check their rates on everything they do in this economy, even medical testing can vary a lot in the same town. We were with State Farm for years because they were who my husband used when he bought his first car. When I decided to check to see how they compared with others I almost lost my mind as the difference was so much that we had really overspent. But, it is important to compare apples to apples as some quotes were for less coverage. In the end we switched to All State and have been thrilled with the company. You might tell your SIL that you would like a check-up on coverage and cost and see where she goes with it.


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