Dropping insurance coverage after getting the work done?

My wife and I need some dental work done, and she’s now on maternity leave and hopefully once that is done, she won’t have to go back to work. Open enrollment for insurance was at the end of october, so we signed up for insurance and were planning on getting the work done, and paying for it for about 3 or 4 months then dropping it when she officially leaves. This would allow us to get $1000+ of dental work done for around $200 to the insurance company. This is legal, but is it sinful?

Is this simply an employer benefit that you are using, or are you enrolling with your own money for the first time?

If the latter, it sure sounds unethical. Insurance works by healthy people insuring those that need care. It only works when everyone contributes both while healthy and while needing care.

This kind of action has the effect of other people paying for your care, and raises everyone else insurance premiums. I don’t even know if you would be able to pull it off, as I believe most companies have a waiting period for “pre-existing conditions” which might include needed dental work, and possibly cancellation penalties if you quit before the policy expires.

As I said, it sounds unethical, and certainly pushes the limits on the commandment “though shalt not steal”.

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