Dropping off trailer situation

My dad wanted me to find how to get the cost of renting a trailer lower, one which we are going to drive across country and leave it. The fact is you can search a location to drop it off, and sometimes, below the price of one location, it asks you if you’re flexible, and you can save up to $__ if you drop it off at this other location. So we are delivering a piece of furniture in the trailer at point A, we’re going to drive by point B while on the trip, but since dropping it off at point B is more expensive, I searched the price to drop it off at point C, where it asks if we’re flexible we can drop it off at point B, and therefore we save money to drop it off at point B. What do you think?

“Love God, then do what you will…” would be a complicated answer to a question that seems simple, but poses an array of potential questions to any given reader of the scenario.

Personally, I see nothing wrong with being frugal. If I had a situation troubling me and needed to make a decision I’d start by asking God in what ways I could glorify Him with whatever decision I make. In this case, will the extra money saved by useful as a tithe, or perhaps will help keep food on the table for my 6 children, am I honoring my father by doing what he told (and am I under his supervision/direction…). You never know, you may even end up running into someone who needs a meal, and the extra savings could turn into a gift of Charity.

Pray about it, and have a safe and fruitful journey.

They’re giving you a reduction to drop it off at a place that is low on trailers because if you do that, they won’t have to pay for transporting it from B to C themselves.

I see nothing potentially immoral about this situation–why were you worried?

I would not drop it off at point C, but I’m making them think I would. You meant transporting it from C to B- that’s why I would be saving money.

On a different note, they do not always have a trailer where you request to pick one up from, but it’s irrelevant to this situation.

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