Dropping out of my English Literature course

I’m considering dropping out of my English Literature course at college. I try to laugh at the Liberal stupidity of the course but it just has to much of bad effect on me, I think it’s better that I leave. But dropping out of this English course isn’t is easy as it sounds, there is a lot that I need to consider first, before making my final decision.

Please pray that I consider everything carefully before making my final decision, and that the decision I make is for my best interest.

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I’m praying for you. May the Lord help you make the proper decision.

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It is sad, how many places of higher education have become thoroughly infiltrated by toxic ideologies handed down through legitimate courses. I heard similar things many times from friends involved in campus ministries.

I pray the decision you make is for your good :slight_smile: Often what we call our best interest is not necessarily God’s will.

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Literature and art…if they don’t make you angry or happy, sad or glad, outraged or excited they are neither literature or art.

When I want drawings and stories that don’t stimulate me, I settle for comic books!

Are you at the tail end of a regular fall semester? Are finals in about two weeks?

Are you dropping an English Literature class, or is it a full-fledged change-of-majors?

Is the English Literature class one of your required classes to graduate with the degree you want? (ie, “12 hours of English classes— pick four from this list of twelve” or something like that?)

If you’re 90% of the way through with your class, you might consider seeing it through all the way, and save yourself the expense of re-doing the credit hours, plus the impact on your future schedule of taking a replacement course, plus the impact on your GPA for canceling the class after the deadline for canceling classes. It might be a hold-your-breath-and-pinch-your-nose sort of thing, but it might be more prudent to finish seeing it through, rather than just wiping your hands of it.

However, if your English Literature course is just one example of how things are a bit too far left at your university in general-- you might also consider positioning yourself to transfer to someplace a little less extreme, and is more in line with your values.

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Midori brings up some excellent points to consider. As the saying goes, don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater!

Praying for a wise decision from you.

Praying for your intentions.

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Praying for your wisdom.

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