Drug laboratory in Pankissi

that belonged to well-known Chechen terrorist and militants’ leader Gelaev and manufactured snow found Georgian special forces not long ago. What a success. I really admire Georgian brave guys. They’ve managed to come down hard on those rascals and laboratory must have been destroyed already. But is that true? No way!
The same ‘brave guys’ took that laboratory under their control. And heroin just changed its nationality :slight_smile: Now it’s property of Georgian President. And its sales income is used for purchasing practically for nothing arms from countries of former socialist sector and for committing diversions like kidnapping of head regional Abkhazian central election committee David Sigua last winter.
Of course Saakashvili is in want of equipment because of Georgian aggression against South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Chechen drugs work for Saakashvili’s maniacal assault towards autonomies. And it looks like that frightful stream from Georgia that seduces and kills European youth is really endless. For now it passed into much firmer greedy hands.

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