Drug Test For Welfare Has Some Local Officials Concerned

The constitutionality of requiring drug tests for government assistance is unclear. One thing is evident, though – Any attempt to enforce or enact such a law is headed for court!

"A new law signed by Gov. Rick Scott that mandates a small sector of welfare recipients pass a drug test before getting their benefits has Polk County assistance program leaders concerned.

The hotly contested law will affect Floridians who apply for federal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families benefits after July 1. While regional offices of the Department of Children and Family Services await a plan for implementation from Tallahassee, Polk County social services officials expressed reservation.

“It could create a devastating situation where folks who need those services won’t come out and apply,” said Deloris Johnson, chief executive of Agricultural and Labor Program Inc. “It affects the family unit itself, not just the individual.”


I’m assuming the idea is something along the lines of making sure the assistance money isn’t being spent on drugs.

I think that welfare can be good in some cases (there are several pitfalls, such as the one where making money means you get less welfare so it ends up discouraging looking for work), but if people are blowing the money on drugs then they shouldn’t be getting it. The money is meant to help them get up off the ground and help get their life on track after all.

Not only do I think welfare recipients should be drug tested, but politicians, government employees and contractors as well.

You have no reason to be buying drugs if you can’t afford food. You should not be allowed to hold office if you are on drugs, and you should not be working anywhere for the taxpayer if you can’t pass a drug test.

Many private companies require employees to be drug tested on a regular basis.

Any argument to the opposition is pure pandering, which is why I expect every liberal to disagree.

I’m not sure that every drug abuser paid money to get those drugs into his or her system.

Your post is just plain silly. :slight_smile:

Looking at the bright side, however, perhaps the Democratic Party can crank up ACORN again, and have them distributing whizzinators.

Either way, there are much better things they should be doing in their spare time. Hard to find a job when your high.

Haven’t you heard the song?

Afroman’s Because I Got High?

pandering to what?

Pandering to the people who expect Obama to bring them all the necessities in life for free.

Just ask Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr.

He thinks free houses should be a constitutional right. And to get votes, he likes to go around telling his constituents this nonsense.


When I served in the military, I had to pee in a cup.

If it’s good enough for the military it’s good enough for everybody.

I also have been forced to take tests as a private employee.

I can’t stand Obama, but I still don’t think that everyone should be drug tested to hold a job. A job where you are driving or operating heavy machinery or where public safety is involved sure, the receptionist at the local real estate office, no.

Unless public safety is involved, drug testing is just yet another nanny state law.

I had to take a drug test to be employed at the shipyard, so why shouldn’t welfare recipients get a drug test as well? It’s not fair to just give out free money if there’s a strong likelyhood it will be spent on illegal products.

I’m kind of wondering what happens when that receptionist steals from the company to support her habit, or falls off the stool while getting a box of pencils off the shelf, goes on workman’s comp or disability, sues the company, falls on top of a little old lady, or breaks a toenail and requires an ambulance.

I’ve got a relative who occasionally stumbles across a job. Her last position she was doing laundry at a place where she had to transport it via golf cart.

She wrecked the golf cart…into a tree.

And “hurt” her wrist.

Drug tests are only for “normal people” … you know … people with jobs who pay taxes.

If you flunk a drug test, then they put you on welfare.

Sounds fair.

Easily said. Folks here show little familiarity with functioning illegal drug users who go to work every day. There are also folks who abuse drugs on the weekends. Finally, there are addicts.

All will have a dirty drop but not all will be falling over or unable to work.

And, I am well-familiar with Afroman and his one song.

Thank God for Rick Scott, someone willing to listen to his voters. He told Obama to stuff his “rail to nowhere” project just like Christie!

I’ve worked with meth users and know pot users who both go to work high. The meth users actually tend to work harder but are more prone to accidents, which I’ve also seen.

And, I am well-familiar with Afroman and his one song.

I like to follow music, and although I don’t like the joke he makes of getting high, I have to admit it’s a catchy tune.

Folks should note that the governor has a financial interest in FL drug testing labs and that each test will cost about $350. Where will the savings lie?

"Gov. Rick Scott is not protecting Florida’s taxpayers by forcing welfare applicants to get drug tested. Florida does not provide welfare benefits. The federal government does. Nor is he helping taxpayers by drug-testing state employees four times a year, even if they show no signs of substance abuse…

There’s also an ethical concern. Drug testing is big business for Solantic, the urgent-care chain the governor co-founded. He has yet to finalize the sale of his share in Solantic.

If this is Gov. Scott’s idea of limited government, he should rethink the definition. Surely, the cash-strapped state could find a better use for that money."


Which doesn’t really address your comment about drug abusers not paying money for their drugs.

You know, even Lot only chewed God down to finding ten righteous people in Sodom before giving up. Since “not all will be falling over or unable to work”, I guess we’ll not do drug tests for that one druggie that is still semi functional.

Nice try Beau. He sold that company.

Want another at bat?:rolleyes:

Maybe we could re-visit your accusations againt Governor Christie?:rolleyes:

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