Drunken teen dies after fall from balcony

Once again, a senseless death as a direct result from drinking too much alcohol. Matt James was a 17 year old about to go to Notre Dame and is on spring break and was so drunk that he fell over a fifth floor balcony.
I could go on and on citing examples of bad consequences of drinking but there is not enough room on any of these forums.
Just so sad:(

Here is a bit more about the tragic incident:

A “drunk and belligerent” 17-year-old Notre Dame football recruit was killed in a fall from a fifth-floor hotel balcony during his senior-year spring break in Florida, authorities said Saturday.

James’ former teammates at St. Xavier High School gathered for a private prayer service in the school’s chapel, mourning the second death of an athlete this school year. James, an all-state offensive lineman, had been the first top signing for new Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly.

Humphreys said the railing at the hotel met the standards for proper height. He said police would be interested in pursuing charges if they learn who provided the underage teen with alcohol.


Hello everyone.

I just wanted to comment on this event as it happened in Cincinnati, where I live.The problem here is not just underage drinking but underage drinking ALLOWED by Catholic adults. This group of students was on spring break from their Catholic High School here in Cincinnati. They were a group of 40 who went to Florida with 6 Adult chaperones. It has been reported locally that there was even drinking on the car trip on the way down to Florida among the kids. The last time I checked you cannot rent a hotel room at 17. A adult rented that room. I’ll bet one of the coaches from St Xavier High School or another chaperon on the trip.
Teenagers are still minors , still children with immature judgment-that’s why they NEED chaperones, real ones that is.

I don’t know about where you all live but here the Catholic high schools are not much different than the public ones as far as morality goes. Everyone knows alcohol runs freely through the student body especially among the “jocks” and everyone knows coaches, recruiters, etc turn their heads.

I went to MC Nicholas High School in Cincinnati ( Catholic East Side) for a time many years ago and a classmate of mine went to a party where upperclassmen “jocks” where there in large numbers. There were many many students very drunk. She told her parents about it. Her mother informed the school. It was leaked who told. Gena was this girl’s name. She was SEVERELY harassed and bullied daily in the halls like I have never seen before or since by the athletes at the school. No one teachers, coaches, admin did anything about it. By the end of the fall she had to switch schools. This was our freshman year.

I think there needs to be a purification of our whole Catholic culture here in the United States. Here is another shameful, tragic event with the label Catholic attached to it.
A Catholic High School where our children attend should be a model of virtue or at least as close as we can get-instead this is what we have become.

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