Drunkeness: Strength to stop this addiction

Hi Everyone,
I just want to share a bit about myself here and the struggle im currently going through.
I suffer from anxiety and a bit of depression.
Last night I got drunk and it really affects my anxiety, it brings out the catastrophic thoughts and really makes my nerves go crazy.
Today, I swear to myself i must find a way to stop drinking (im not an alcoholic as in drinking everyday etc, but when I do drink, i cant seem to stop and continue till i get drunk).
Can you please pray for me to have strength to fight this horrible addiction.
Im a catholic and do go to church every sunday and constantly in confession about getting drunk and im sick of this vicious cycle.
So basically, im asking for you to pray for me and if you have any ideas on how to stop drinking, please feel free to help me out!
Thanks for your support and listening to me.

I will pray for you .

Alchoholism is not confinded to people who drink everyday. In fact the hallmark of an alchoholic is one who can not stop drinking once they start.I speak from experience being a recovering alcoholic(21 years sober) and working with hundreds of Alchoholics over the years. I strongly suggest you find an AA meeting to attend. It is the best way to stop-in most cases the only way.

You will be in my prayers

I am a Recovered Alcoholic, sobriety date 17 March 1984:irish2:

You need to go to Alcoholics Anonymous and give it an honest try. There will be no conflict betweeen the AA 12 step program and Catholic spirituality.

You can also consult a Priest, Deacon, or Spiritual Director, but they will probobaly say the same thing…Alcoholics Anonymous.

Feel free to send me a private message if you have any questions or qualms

Thank you for your wonderful replies.
I will consult the AA in my area.
May God bless you

OUTSTANDING! I will continue to pray for you. PM me if you have any problems/quetsions especially about AA

You have taken a big and important step in acknowledging this, and I think you are brave. Good luck and God bless you.

You are in my prayers.

Prayers for you in your struggle.

You are in my prayers. You are on the right path, you could just be sewing your oats right now-find out what is really bothering you and change it-there is no change without change.

Hi everyone,
I was doing really well with this, but i recently fell off the wagon :frowning:
Please pray for me so that i will remain strong and try not to drink again please.

Dolphy, we are all holding you in our hearts and prayers. Jesus wants you to be strong and he will guide you, you have to give it to him in prayer and ask for the strength you need… As others have said, AA is a great place to start. Some things we just aren’t equipped to deal with alone, and I think the support you get there from others going through the same struggles, will only strengthen your resolve. I lost my mother to alcoholism at a young age, and have seen several other family members afflicted, so it can be tough for others around you to see you do this to yourself. I hope you don’t mind, I don’t know if you pray novenas at all, but I truly believe the intercession of the Saints can be a very powerful aid in a time of need. I have posted a few below… pick one or more than one… but at least give it a try. Ask them for the strength you need… and it will be given. And while you are waiting for their divine assistance, for some reason just having them dear and going to them in prayer for comfort makes such an immediate difference in your life.

Prayer of an Alcoholic

Saint Jude help me in this sickness which is spiritual, psychological and physical. Strengthen my weak faith, no matter what may befall me. Teach me to be patient and serene in the midst of troubles. Saint Jude, help me so that nothing will upset me or weaken my determination to stay sober and abstain from alcoholic drink.

Prayer of St Francis:

St Monica, St John and others are said to be patron saints of alcoholism and prayers can be found on the web for them. Also, here is one on the St Martin of Tours web page: drstandley.com/saints_stmartinoftours.shtml

The specific prayer is:


I do believe that things happen for a reason. And even though there is mystery surrounding that statement, my actions and reactions can be demanding in my search for answers. And sometimes I get down-right angry when I don’t get IT; whatever IT is.

Please help me to clearly understand that timing is all Yours and increase my Faith to embrace the fact that you have absolutely everything under control.

[Insert your own needs here.]

Father, I know you Love me, that You are looking out for my best interests and that You even gave the angels charge to watch over me. I’m so grateful!

I pray for your Divine Assistance to give me the wisdom to accept and appreciate all the mysteries of Life. Through Jesus Christ’s Most Precious Blood and Most Holy Face.


Through Jesus Christ’s Precious, Pure and Holy name I pray. - Amen

Also, although she is not the patron saint of alcoholism, St Dymphna is the saint of nervous and mental disorders, at the below site you will find four prayers to her which may help with the anxiety and depression:


Bless you Dolphy, let us know how you’re doing, we will pray for you, please do this yourself as well!


May God bless you with reason.


Thank you both very much.
I was coming home from work last night and felt so tempted, but i fought it and won :thumbsup:

Im going to start at AA full on next monday, so i wont be alone in this matter.
Thank you for your support and may God bless you all

Do you have a sponsor in AA? Sponsors are available to help people during those times they are tempted like you were. I will pray for you. If you don’t yet have a sponsor, you may want to ask somebody at the meeting about getting one.

I hope you are still doing well. Why are you waiting until Monday to attend a meeting? That’s four days from today! Get thee to a meeting, my friend! You can’t imagine how brilliant and beautiful your life will be when you are no longer enslaved to the bottle!

Lord Jesus Christ I ask you Heal this man of his addiction by the Power of your Holy name amen!!

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