Drunkenness, violence and vandalism blight most of Britain, admit officials

Officials running Labour’s campaign against anti-social behaviour believe that most of the country has a major problem.

A Home Office survey found that 73 per cent said drunkenness and rowdiness is a ‘significant problem’ in their area.

More than four out of five believe that teenagers hanging around the streets are also a concern. Seven out of ten cite vandalism and graffiti as a scourge of their district or town.

The figures came more than a decade after Labour introduced the Asbo and promised to reduce local disorder.

Instead, however, there is growing anxiety over the continuing impact of uncontrolled drunkenness and street violence.

Read more: dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1238986/Anti-social-behaviour-rise-Britain-3-4-complain-rowdy-youngsters.html#ixzz0b3h7VyR2

Yet drug abuse would appear to be down - possibly because they’re too drunk to take them.

it’s actually history repeating itself, sad in too many ways, but good in so far as the people are not satisfied with the modern concept, worldly materail wealth is not filling in that gap, and they want something more. It almost has me thinking, it’s kind of being primed for a strong Christian front to show them the way, if enough people were to get involved.

Back in the day before the US changed how we celebrated Christmas, mayhem was the norm during the celebration, unlike the coverage where it seems daily. We all have our share of problems in most of those areas, city wide, world wide, it’s the escalation of events that cause more dire results that should raise a higher degree of alarm. Yet, we simply do not hear too many of those here, and you’d think, our prayers could be going to extensively good use in that manner.

Funny, isn’t it, that coming up to an election political parties of any colour tend to pick on a nice populist peg to hang their hats on… why no mention of the increasing inequality gap or some of the other problems facing us?


(P.S. I’m not saying that there isn’t a problem as quoted in the OP, just that the timing is suspicious)

Election coming up? Not really, it’s the Daily Heil and they perform the mountains out of molehills miracle continuously.

The Nazis are coming the natzis are coming!

Inequality is never a problem though. It only signifies that some are actually arises out of the squalor that has been the norm of the human condition from the beginning.
Inequality is in fact a good thing then. It is the solution to universal poverty.

Inequality not a problem? This is nonsense. The poor are not to blame for being poor. All this “squalor …norm” babble is just the heel of capitalism crushing the needy once again


Inequality a problem? This is socialism.

Socialism hunts the human spirit out like radar and kills it dead. What was true for Russia is now true for western Europe. This agrees with Prodgalson’s point. Focus on the economy and material goods, as Marxism does, leaves a void where the spirit once was. Defining happiness in terms of material gain leads to the voide being filled with drunkenness, and senseless violence.

But seriously, the capitalist economy does not create poverty. It creates wealth.
And really, there is no arguing that squalor—life being nasty, brutish and short as Hobbes once described it— has been the norm of human existence. Capitalist economies have lifted huge swaths of humanity from the Hobbsean state of affairs, but not without rewarding some more than others.
I am sorry, that is just a fact of history. Capitalism never created the poor. The poor were with us long before there were capitalists. It created wealth and made wealth available to people who would have otherwise remained in squalor.

You gotta watch out for those ‘natzis’.

While allowing for the fact that accuracy isn’t exactly your strength, why you seem to be stalking me on this does seem particularly weird.

I don’t think this is anything new, but it is not a problem just confined to the UK

I did read that last New years Eve the UK emergency services were flooded with calls for emergency assistance because of drunkenness

I think kids will drink regardless, but to set out to see how smashed you can get as fast as possible seems to be quite prevalent now…I don’t recall kids setting out to get drunk, but of course it did happen even in my day, but when I was a kid the amounting of drinking was far less

One advantage the UK does have is there aren’t as many drivers as the US

I don’t think anyone has hit upon a solution in any country…It isn’t easy being a parent

One main difference is that the legal drinking age in the UK is 18 - the problem is particularly acute in town and city centres when ‘binge drinking’ (a very British trait) young people emerge from the clubs, pubs and bars.

I doubt that there’s all that much difference between the two countries in terms of the number of drivers proportionate to the total population but the UK is a much more compact and urban society so the average length of any journey is likely to be considerably less.

The binge drinking was quite shocking to see, and even girls were passed out in the gutter…It is sad to see such young people headed down a path that could really have bad effects on them

They had some really terrible pictures of young women one with her underwear draped around her ankles, and she was too bombed to notice why she couldn’t walk properly

I felt very mixed about seeing their photos in the papers…disgust , and sorrow ,and pity, and anger…I don’t know the answer

I am not too sure we don’t have teen binge drinkers here, we have everything else…but I must admit I live in a university town, and it is a bit 10 school and I have never seen anything like that here…I have seen bad stuff however . and .our kids aren’t angels either

I am certainly not stalking you, but you do seem to be sounding off the same Nazi slur every time.
It is all ‘heil’ this and ‘heil’ that for every body that does not have your own point of view.

You make a farce of the real Nazis actually, by making everyone to the left of Chavez to be somebody you ought to ‘heil’.

It is a rather tastless way to go about posting in my view. It makes the truly evil acts of the Nazis into something banal and everyday when they are compared to ordinary points of view from the right.

and yes, I do make a lot of typos. If you want to look down your … at me on that account, then whatever.

The absolute drunkenness of British youth and especially young girls in particular has made the news several times now over the past few years. Maybe it is jsut people digging up news on a slow news day, or maybe there is a trend where such kind of behavior is out of the ordinary compared to what has gone before.

I’ve called the Daily Mail the Daily Heil precisely twice - if you knew any history, then you’d know why people use the term.

You make a farce of the real Nazis actually, by making everyone to the left of Chavez to be somebody you ought to ‘heil’.

Complete stream of consciousness nonsense - you’ve picked on the wrong poster. If you’re determined to go on stalking, you might, at least, find a little evidence rather than making it all up as you go along.

It is a rather tastless way to go about posting in my view. It makes the truly evil acts of the Nazis into something banal and everyday when they are compared to ordinary points of view from the right.

and yes, I do make a lot of typos. If you want to look down your … at me on that account, then whatever.

No, I look down on you because you’re being silly.


If you are being stalked, you should not wear such bright clothing! As a bunny, you should blend in with your surroundings…

I’m not sure I completely agree with that statement. The motorways in the UK, at least the part I was in, are pretty well clogged during rush hour - just like the US. The difference I noticed though, is that in the market towns especially (I was based in Thame, Oxfordshire), people actually walk to the market and the pub. (please add a bit of envy and nostalgia to my tone). We don’t do much of that here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe what you are referring to with your “compact and urban” comment is the way in which towns are laid out in the UK? I think we have a lot more suburbs which require a drive to a strip mall area where all the essential shops…and pubs…are. I don’t know of too many people who walk to their local pub. This is a problem for obvious reasons.

When it comes to large cities though - London, New York, etc., I think the transportation is fairly similar - especially if there is a subway. We just have a slightly more car-centric culture than Europe, in general.

Ooh that wascilly wabbit.


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