dry prayer???


I’m writing a research paper on prayer during dry phases, when you receive no consolations. Does anyone have any good materials? I have two books by Thomas Green, Dark Night of the Soul, and Interior Castle. Anything else? Thanks! The sooner the better!



go to your computer enter yahoo website or the google site,type in dry prayer you will get as many materials as possible,go through them and choose the one most suited for what youy are looking for,happy rsearching [be a good researcher]


What about your own personal experience? Or have you never experienced moments of ‘dry prayer’? Books are great, articles excellent, but nothing beats writing from experience.

God Bless your work.


Daily Mass is my best way to get through spells of not believing God is listening. All the prayer is done for you. You get the bible, the creed and the best sacrifice of all, all wraped up into one neat, 20-40 minute package.


Thanks for your responses. I understand all that. I certainly have experienced dryness in prayer…for about a year now…but my personal experience can only go so far in a research paper. Any other ideas?



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