Dryness (not spiritual)

Has anyone ever experienced a long period of dryness where nothing seems to be happening in your life. Your friends are gone & you struggle to meet and make new friends. What if you feel somehow that this is Gods will? How do you deal with it & does it always end like it did for Job?

Would be good to hear if anyone has had any relevant experiences.

Thank you.

The first post I ever made on this forum was pretty much about this exact same thing. It could be a test of faith - sure you love God when things are going good, but how much greater will your love be when you can love Him even when things aren’t going good? With the volume in everything else in your life turned down, it could be a good opportunity to spend more time praying, reading the bible, and strengthening your relationship with God.

What are the specifics of your current situation? Did anything bring on this period of dryness? I know mine was mostly due to a breakup and a new job happening at almost the same time. I found I had a lot of time on my hands, but was so distraught over the breakup I had zero interest in doing anything, and when I did get out and try something, it didn’t seem to yield fruit.

I’m now at a point where I’m feeling a little more confident and free to just be me. I am beginning to become interested in things again and have a new determination to actually pursue them. That might be a good starting point. Do you have any hobbies or interests? Might be time to pursue them more diligently. It’s important not to stay idle - all the cliches are pretty much true, as soon as you take one step the next one comes easier.

Thanks SpikeLewis

This dryness has lasted for a few years. I have a desire to meet new people, but I feel that whenever I try - it doesn’t seem to progress to anything. Before this period I would say I was a confident person.

It’s troubling and frustrating to not have any close friends which is what I had. I just know this is God’s will for now, but it is still hard to accept.

How do I keep hope? It feels as though I have done something wrong to get this.

Well, first of all, this isn’t happening to you because you’ve done something wrong (that’s what Job’s friends erroneously try to tell him). Secondly, if you are being discplined by God for something, be happy about it! (Proverbs 3)

But more to your point, are you an active member of your church community? It may take awhile (I would give it three months at least) for people to notice you if you’re not the most outgoing person, but eventually you’re bound to bump into someone who’s seen you before and who will have a conversation about you.

Making new friends is never easy. That’s why I’d suggest pursuing your hobbies. Figure out what you like, and then look for groups that are centered around that. If you like reading the bible, for example, see if there’s a bible study group at your church, and if not, then in your area. Or if you like a sport, sign up for a team, or take a class of some kind - it could be anything. You’re bound to meet some people that way.

At age 57, I find myself becoming a professional fuddy duddy. Nonetheless, I’m a fairly happy fuddy duddy. Oh well … :slight_smile:

You describe me exactly. It feels as though theres an invisible barrier in the way of having meaningful relationships with people.

I often think about this myself too, if this is Gods way of detaching me from the world. But I have come to accept and enjoy the silence, personally. Although I would like to get married someday and being in this silence too long isnt bound to bring that about, so it would seem. For me that is a hard idea to accept but oh well. A lot of the martys and saints, even Jesus Himself, found what they had to sacrifice hard to accept too, but they did it and are.completely fulfilled now.

Hello Pilsen

We all have moments like what youv experienced and usually yes it does end up like Job.
Purging is a painful process.
Take care

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