Dubbed Movies

Is it morally permissible to watch movies which would otherwise be copyrighted if it is dubbed for an audience for an audience which would not have access or not understand the original movie?

eg. phimhanh.net

In Christo

Movies that are dubbed are generally done so by the original producers - or with their permission. Dubbed movies would fall under the same copyright rules as the original.


Oh. I meant subtitled. Anyways, I think the link I put on is legal because it is backed by several television chains. They probably got a contract of some kind.

Subtitled is also done with permission.

It’s supposed to be, anyway. Dubs almost always are, but subs are often made illegally.

It is morally permissible to watch movies if they are gotten through legal means. At this point I think it’s up to the consumer to figure out what is legal and what is not. :shrug:

If they’re shown on TV or in a movie house that should be completely legit - anything else and use your common sense?

Oh, are we talking about TV? If it’s on TV it’s legit. Streaming is where it gets confusing. :o

Oh…I’m so behind the times with some of this…seldom watch movies, unless it’s a DVD I have bought, and then price (or outlet) is my guide as to what is legit or not likely to be :blush:

Thanks for all your contributions. God bless you all.

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