Dublin: Armed robbery at Ballymun church service




Sounds like the robber may have been a past patron, as it seems drugs may have had a big part to play in this. It seems a bit OTT, for your common-or-garden ‘robber’.

How he got access to a gun is worrying though, but I believe most drug gang members get easy access to guns, and are responsible for all/most gun related crimes in Ireland.

The Compassion Centre is involved in evangelism and set up its Ballymun outreach centre about a year ago to provide help for the homeless and those with addiction problems.


*Incredibly, the congregation wants the gunman to come back so that they can help him “pick up the pieces of his life”.

“We are hopefully that he will be in touch soon because we want him to come back so we can help him,” Senior pastor John Eniola told Independent.ie.

Witnesses at the centre said the gunman, who appeared to be extremely anxious and spoke with a Dublin accent, pointed a shotgun to people’s heads and threatened to shoot them if the congregation failed to follow his orders.*


If this was a TV crime drama the investigators would trace him back to the pastor and discover this to be no more than a novel way to up the tithing percentage of the parish.

Or something.


That sounds like a terrifying experience…Thank Goodness nobody was hurt…i hope they catch the man responsible before he hurts somebody


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