Dubuque Planned Parenthood to Close


DUBUQUE, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) - Planned Parenthood of the Heartland announced Tuesday it’s planning to close its Dubuque location. The organization says it’s stopping its clinical services immediately. A spokesperson says the official closing date will depend on when the building sells.
The official last day will depend on when the building is sold. In the meantime, the office will maintain regular hours and offer non-clinical services such as supply visits and pregnancy tests. Telemedicine abortion services will also remain available at the Dubuque office.



Amen! Lives will be saved by this happening. I used to live in Dubuque and am happy to hear this.


Praise God. I am glad there is little or no demand in that area.


Good. I have hated Planned Parenthood since I’ve been about twelve.


Praise the LORD for he is good and his mercy endureth forever.

Excellent news. :thumbsup:




Good news!


This is definitely good news! However, I am saddened that telemedicine abortions will still occur there.


I suspect an increasing reliance on telemedecine is what’s behind this closure.


how does telemedicine work again?


Here is info on telemedicine in relation to abortion: grtl.org/?q=telemedicine-new-proabort-tool


Learning about the telemedicine wiped the smile off my face over the Dubuque PP closing!
This is all so evil and putrid. The word “safe” and “abortion” have no relationship.


thank you.


I’m a little confused about the telemedicine. The clinic is closing right, but the telemedicine is continuing in the clinic until it closed for good, whereas some of the other abortion services have already ended before the clinic closes for good?


They likely have a receptionist and a nurse.

The nurse can do most exams and STD testing but if a woman wants a prescription abortion (not surgical), they video conference with a remote physician who then prescribes the two required drugs. I think the nurse then administers the drugs.

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