Dubuque's Planned Parenthood is officially closed


Dubuque’s Planned Parenthood is no more. A note on the door says it closed on Thursday.

This move being supported by those who are pro-life advocates, like the organization, Dubuque County Right To Life. “This is a victory for women and their unborn children,” said Marian Bourek, executive director of the organization.



HOO HAH! One more step and another Rosary! :love:


Planned Parenthood of the Heartland has been shrinking quite a bit. Although Iowa has a unique program of offering abortion services via the internet (AKA telemedicine), their sites which offer this service have been closing.

Here is a news article from 2014. It mentions the closure of Planned Parenthood facilities in the towns of Red Oak and Creston, but goes on to say:

Planned Parenthood, which is Iowa’s largest provider of abortions, closed similar clinics in Ankeny, Fort Dodge, Mount Pleasant and Washington last fall. In the previous two years, it also closed clinics in Spencer, Fort Madison, Storm Lake, Knoxville and Newton.

The agency still offers telemedicine abortions in Ames, Bettendorf, Burlington, Cedar Falls, Council Bluffs, Dubuque and Sioux City. It also offers surgical abortions in Iowa City and Des Moines.



Great news indeed.:thumbsup:


Glad to hear it.


Praise The Lord.


Giving thanks!


More abortion clinics that close the better!


Hopefully the remaining Iowa Planned Parenthood clinics will close soon!


Praise be to God! But we should never stop praying and standing up for the pre-born children! Apathy and indifference is what started this.

In His love,


Another one down. Seriously, it’s this street-level push that’s been working. We need to stop waiting for the people in DC, especially since the general election is now pretty much officially Trump vs. Hillary. It’s going to be another long 4-8 years.






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