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Should you use birth control if you’re fornicating? Obviously, you shouldn’t be fornicating in the first place but, say you are, is it better or worse that you use birth control. As I write I’m thinking, the latter, but I need this spelled out for me. This has to do with ancient history and what and how to repent. I am over 50 now, divorced from an uncivil civil marriage, and now chaste.

It would be worse to use contraception. To my understanding of your question it is like saying “I know murder is wrong, but would it be worse to kill someone quickly or to torture them and then kill them.” Obviously to add torture makes it worse, and that’s basically an equivalent example as I see it.

For the purpose of confession it would be both murder and torture. Both fornication and contraception.

To add another sin to “fix” another to make it somehow “better” is a classic oxymoron, eh? If fornicating, may as well go “all the way” and let things fall as they may, eh? Neither “fixes” to the problem sound sane to me.

It sounds like you are in a stage of renewal in your life. That is wonderful!

Both fornication and contraception are grave sins. Doing one grave sin at a time is…well…bad. Doing two at a time is worse.:eek:

As so many if our moms used to tell us, “Two wrongs don’t make a right” (Or, less of a wrong!)

Birth control is a sin in marriage, but if a person is having illicit sex it would be worse to NOT use contraception. You an get a disease, or worse father a child who you may be tempted to abort.
In confession, I don’t think a priest would ask if you used a condom while you were fornicating!

This certainly does NOT apply to ‘the Pill’! It is well known that the contraceptive pill CAUSES early abortion in over 40% of cases. I used the Pill in the past, before I became Catholic, and before I knew of this ‘side effect’. I wonder if I have children in Heaven that I aborted without knowing it. I refused the IUD because I knew it prevented a human embryo from implanting - I did not know that the Pill does the same thing very often. After that last sentence, I just prayed the Angelus. I realized that at the moment when the Word became flesh, He was just such an embryo. That gives infinite dignity to all of them. Killing one is seriously sinful.

Oh dear! If your mom hasn’t told you yet, both fornicating and contraception are very mortal sins and both should be avoided. The payment for both is Hell that is eternal. Is it worth it?

Glenda B.

Somebody needs to read what Benedict 16 said about condoms. In context, not in sound bites.

As a catholic gynecologist I can state that there is NO evidence that the pill causes an abortion and this is supported by the ACOG. Misinformation is damaging to our birth control issues and beliefs.

You are right misinformation is damaging. Especially when it comes from a Catholic Gynecologist.

The reason we do not have “evidence” is because there is no way to know. But lets look at what we do know. We know that sometimes the pill fails and children are conceived. And we also know that one of the components of the pill acts a a thinner for the uterus which can cause an abortion. We also know that this mechanism was specifically designed into the pill. So to say that the drug NEVER uses one of it’s purposes is both misleading and illogical. I would encourage you to look into some resources at CA and also Napro Technologies.

Saying there is no evidence is as misleading as saying it causes abortions. It is rhetoric.

As a Catholic Gynecologist I would hope you would want to represent your faith at least as well as your profession.

There are other threads for this. As it could derail this one.


This is not grounded in theology or spirituality or even an understanding of the Catholic faith but rather it is grounded in secular concerns.

That a priest does not bring it up in the confessional is not the litmus test for sin. It is not part of our examination of conscience. Otherwise we would go to confession and be silent.

One sin can NEVER be a better option. It flies in the face of our faith. And of Christ himself.
When you fornicate with ABC you commit 2 sins. Period.

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I was responding to the incorrect 40% abortion quote. There are no studies implicating the pill as an abortifacient. However, I never said never. Spontaneous abortions occur in about 15% of pregnancies and we cannot differentiate those on the pill. However, the incidence has not changed since the advent of the pill. The primary action of the oral contraceptive is the prevention of ovulation. You are correct, however, in that the progesterone may prevent implantation. I have delivered over10,000 babies and a number of those were pill failure pregnancies. My impression is that the pill rarely causes abortions, but since it is possible, one must choose life and avoid any possibility.

That sounds A LOT better.:thumbsup: Thank you.

My ‘incorrect quote’ came from 2 different gynecologists - one on EWTN, and one on a program called, “Facing Life Head On” on Salt and Light TV here in Canada. It’s not too surprising that professionals might disagree. I guess I should have the humility to accept an insult; but in this case I haven’t; but I won’t post any further on this as it is taking the thread off topic.

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