dumb TV

Surely I am not the only one who has noticed the ‘dumbing down’ of TV in the last few years.

Seems like the popular new programs all feature dumb rednecks. Like Snake Salvation, Gator Boys, Duck Dynasty and my Favorite, Wild Man who has no teeth.

What is the cause of all this? Distraction from real issues?

^ Is why I stopped watching TV 10 years ago.

Actually, there are a lot of reasons why I stopped. That’s just one.

I’ll stick with Jeopardy at 7:30, a few sporting events and some particular anime. Other than that, you can keep television.

Distraction from real issues is why people watch television in the first place. They want to be entertained. However I also don’t understand what’s so entertaining about so-called ‘reality tv.’

It should be said there are also some good shows to watch on tv, enough that to some people this is a golden age of television (whereas there’s not much going on in Hollywood). I think maybe the bad shows have gotten worse and the good shows have gotten better.

I stopped also. I just use my TV for movies that my friends and I can discuss such as lives of the saints, documentaries, and some oldies but very well done such as “Dead Men Walking”, “Lorenzo’s Oil”, and many others. We make it an afternoon with a pot luck lunch to start off, and after the movie and discussion, we pray together for one another’s needs.

I don’t think you are. Sadly, my Dad watches all of those TV shows :doh2: I personally can’t stand them. The only thing I really watch are a few sitcoms from the 80’s, and a movie here and there. The TV shows today have lost all of their modesty, and it is truly saddening.

I’ve no idea regarding the reason, and yes, a lot of television is abysmal.
Depsite the commercials that they say are not commercials, I would turn to PBS for something of merit.
Even the History channel is getting dumb.

But to soothe my complicated mind, I do like sitcoms. Fake and noncomplicated company to escape my nervousness.
Everybody Loves Raymond, Dick VanDyke, Bob Newhart, Frasier.

All of which is moot since I cannot afford cable.:frowning:

People like a freak show. The bearded lady is just more accessible now.

But also, those characters can be engaging it can show a subcultures that we might not know much about. The problem with that is that people with prejudices still won’t learn any thing positive. I’m a people watcher so I can enjoy these shows but I haven’t had cable for 4-5 years now so I’m not really in the loop.

The Golden Girls :thumbsup:


Yes!! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

I think seeing how, “stupid” others act, is supposed to make the viewer feel better about themselves. Maybe the writers are smoking something…:rolleyes:

I would hold off on adding Duck Dynasty to this list unless you’ve seen it. It is really about a bunch of family members who love to joke around, but have strong family lives. The ads may play them up to be big bearded hicks, but they’re actually pretty witty and pretty genuine.

If I could throw my TV out the window, I would.
Well, if one were to watch TV one should go to educational networks like the discovery channel, the Science channel, or the military channel, or the history channel.

I object to Duck Dynasty. and I have watched once, mainly on religious grounds. They did a live show locally at and for a fundamentalist ‘church of Christ’. That denomination has got to be the most anti-Catholic sect to exist or a close second.

They can have their sugar syrup called “sweet tay”


Was television really full of nothing but incredibly witty comedy and drama before I started watching? I enjoy old movies, but I acknowledge that I’m watching the best of what was produced. The mediocre movies and shows were probably left by the wayside.

Most TV is awful in some way, but I really think that’s true of anything. I think we should judge a medium by the very best of what it produces, not the very worst.

I don’t actually watch TV, mind you, apart from anime, some children’s cartoons, old series, and the occasional episode of Doctor Who (and I don’t watch any of that on an actual TV set). And I love science and history documentaries. But anyway, I’m sure there’s something worthwhile on TV. There can’t be hundreds of channels full of absolutely nothing but dumb rednecks 24/7. :wink:

NOTHING on TV is actually real, it is all highly scripted, right down to what color socks the actors are wearing, to the swaying motion of trees in the background shots…trust me! The people that run these shows go to great lengths to make them appear to be real and factual, but there is nothing real about any of it.

I will also agree tv in general has been ‘dumbed down’, Im assuming this is because the people at the top feel the US public needs their entertainment to be dumbed down, and the sad thing being, the ratings for alot of them are out of this world, so this means the audience did need the shows to be dumbed down LOL

I mostly feel sorry for the kids today, the shows that are geared towards them are sooo dumbed down, it is absolutely ridiculous, yet again, kids today need their entertainment to be dumbed down, so that in itself is scary!!! I hate to think when these kids grow up and realize there is a real world behind all the twitter, facebook, and playstation consoles!! They will not have a clue what to do.

As well as valuing education, all but one of them having college degrees.

You know thinking back, none of this is new. I remember watching when I was young such ‘masterpieces’ as Andy Griffith, Petticoat Junction, Beverly Hillbillies, and my all time favorite Hee Haw.

But in the southwest this was all accepeted as normal day of the week stuff. Nearly everyone is fundamentalist except for Latinoes who are Catholic and even they have abandoned the church and turn fundamentalist as well. We are having a liquor election once again. And you should hear the strident, hysterical voices of the dries.

“one drop makes you an instant alcoholic every time, keep our children safe, if the county is dry, no one will drink”.

The idiots don’t stop to realize that those who want a drink will just drive to the county line liquor store 30 miles away and drink all the way back home as they have wrecks and people are killed.

But this is all like a day in the life. My step dad would boast “ah’m prowed ta bay an ignert suthun reyudneck”. His accent. He died from lung cancer when I was only 20 years old. Quite the bigot he hated every one who wasn’t a texas, southern, redneck, Baptist, republican.

I am a Republican too, but not a tea party member as he would have been had they been invented at the time.

Reality TV is simply cheap to produce. With the plethora of channels, all they need is a small audience to make this cross between television and home movies profitable. Unfortunately, the quality of TV suffers as this dumbing down continues.

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