Dump Tony Kornheiser from MNF

Man, ESPN has got to do something with Tony K. he’s terrible.

I do ok with Jaws and Mike T. but they don’t need a 3rd in the booth. He’s making Howard Cosel look good.

Here’s wishing they get Joe Buck and Aikman from CBS.

I don’t think he’s so bad. I’d rather have Alex Karras back, though…

MNF has never been the same since they moved to ESPN regardless of the announcer. I like Tony, myself, because I watch PTI almost every single weekday and I’m used to his voice.

Are y’all watchin the same telecast as me??? I don’t mind him on PTI, but in the booth he just tawks and tawks, sometimes aboout stuff that no one cares about. Sheeeeeesh. :confused:

What else is he gonna talk about? He doesnt exactly have a vast knowledge of football lol He’s there for the color commentary much like I hate to say it, Dennis Miller was, a while back. If I had to go with three commentators, it would have to be Al Michaels, Dan Dierdorf, and Boomer Esiason. Any announcing team they put out there now is just makeshift anyways. I really didnt even notice them in the Dallas vs. Philly game…Now that was a great game aside from the fact that neither team could even spell defense. :rotfl:

Joe Buck? He is thee most annoying! can’t watch anything that he is broadcasting!

Yes, and over at NBC I wish they would do the same with Keith Olberman, who is part of the Sunday Night Football analysis team:yawn: :ehh: .

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