Dumping Out Coffee - a Sin?


Hello CAF!

I made K-cup cup of coffee, drank about a 1/3 of it, and still have a little less than a cup left. Problem is, I don’t like coffee. Never have, and never will. It always makes my heart hurt, and it makes me all shaky. Why I decided to make coffee is a completely different matter of course :confused: I keep thinking I’ll like it, and then I don’t. Would it be sinful for me to dump it out? I do my best to never waste food (aside from dumping out a cup of coffee twice a year or so, that is). My parents and my sister are big coffee drinkers, but they don’t like K-cups, so if I don’t drink it, no one will. I only ask because my spiritual director always stresses the importance of not wasting food. Thank you! God bless! :slight_smile:


Maybe you should see a priest about scrupulosity. Throwing away food isn’t a sin.


Hi SnowAngels,

Once you’ve eaten or drank to a point where you no longer wish to eat or drink any more, you should never feel pressured to finish it. There’s no point if you’ve had your fill.

Dumping out extra coffee is not a sin, you may have scrupulosity and you should see a priest about it.

God Bless! I will pray for you!


Well, if you have coffee, what you can do if you ever have this scenario in the future is to dilute it, pour it on a plant as fertilizer.

It does sound like you might be overly concerned, though. In the scheme of things, that’s not really a big deal.


This is the first I have heard of K-cup coffee. Sounds like they are some kind of individual coffee. If that’s the case, can you find a coffee lover who might appreciate them and give them away to someone will like and drink them?

Maybe you could give them away to a place that has food collection drives.

Perhaps you could give them to someone who works at a hospital, say.


Simple, compost. There are plants that love acidic soils and would love your coffee.


I would suggest guidance from a good, trusted priest in such matters. It is not a sin, in my opinion.

However, I completely can relate to your concern. In my family, allowing ANYTHING to go to waste was a sin. And, my family truly lived by that rule!


That is a great point. Forcing yourself to eat after you’ve had your fill could lead to Gluttony, which is a sin.


It’s good not to waste food, resources, etc… But this was not a great waste and not intentionally wasteful, so it does not appear sinful in any way. It’s not as if you intentionally left the facet running for the day or threw out good food instead of giving it to someone who needs it, etc…

Eating or drinking more than your body wants or needs, on the other hand, can be sinful. But don’t fret it. It does sound like you’re making a bit too much of this. Remember God loves us. :slight_smile:

I’ve heard that ground coffee helps to keep drains unclogged. Not sure if its a myth or not, but it doesn’t seem to hurt. No issue in doing that if you’ve had enough!


Yes, furthermore, eating food when you’re full doesn’t “un-waste” food that’s wasted. Once you’re full, the food is no longer serving it’s purpose. So therefore, it’s wasted either way.

A friend helped me understand that one day when I tried to finish something because “I didn’t want to waste the rest”


Oh, wow, that is excellent!


I agree. Sounds like possible scrupulosity to me. Throwing away food isn’t good if it can be avoided, however it’s not a sin.


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